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News you can use sources of beta-carotene and other disease-fighting carotenoids. A child's palate is especially fond of sweet foods, and bright color in foods incites eating behavior. Use both of these facts to your advantage and offer a colorful...
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Healthful nighttime snacking is possible

...their favorite high-calorie foods during the day, but, "They allow themselves a treat at night, usually salty or sweet foods," Dr. Allison says. WHY DO WE EAT AFTER DARK? "It's partly because we have time at night. We're not at work...
Too much of a good thing can be bad for health

...with a lot fewer calories. FIT TIP: Eating raisins is a real treat, so try to use them as a replacement for other sweet foods in your diet. For instance, sprinkle 10 or 15 on your cereal instead of sugar. If baking, try them in low-fat...
Sweet-potato recipe mixes summer tastes

...their flavor. In this dish, he said, he likes the combination of ingredients because "salty foods like bacon, and sweet foods like sweet potatoes and peaches meld together and blend well with the texture of baked beans." Cookouts are an ideal...
Parents warned against hidden sugar in foods

...forms of added sugar and are found in foods in most family pantries. Dietitian Eileen Behan offers guidance of what sweet foods should be in children's diets - and how often - in Fit Kids: Raising Physically and Emotionally Strong Kids with...
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Age old questions: Sugar intake for diabetic depends on individual

Q: I'm diabetic. How can I continue to enjoy sweet foods? - A.B., Evans A: According to the American Diabetes Association, 15.7 million Americans have diabetes and nearly 1 million...
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Don't let spoiled food, critters or poisonous plants spoil the fun

...Swatting yellow jackets may encourage others to attack. Sweet foods and sodas can attract these insects. Keep foods in are done with them. Always wash sticky faces after sweet foods. Avoid perfumes or scented personal items, which can...
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Chocolate patch kills cravings

...manufactures the square, blue patch. "The aroma of the patch will help diminish, and in many cases eliminate, cravings for sweet foods, particularly chocolate."} Developers claim the Diet Scent patch works because it overloads the nose with an aroma...
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Nutty dessert needs sweet wine

...What desserts go with dessert wine? Probably, the best advice is: none. The problem with pairing sweet wine and sweet food is, well, sweetness. If the dessert is too sweet, it makes the wine taste harsh and discordant. If you really must...
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