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...distributeBalaam Grinnage, 33, of the 1900 block of Windsor Spring Road, theft by takingJoseph Schofield, 59, of the 1700 block of Susan Circle, family violence batteryTracey Gurley, 48, of the 1900 block of Moore Road, theft by shopliftingBryson John Pritt...

Augusta commissioners differ on need for purchase of mayor staff car

The Augusta Commission will weigh in on buying a new sport utility vehicle for mayor's office staff at a 2 p.m. meeting.

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Mayor's vehicle request can't get in gear

...most of the work, which they rubber-stamp. GOAT HERDERS COST MONEY: An article by Au gus ta Chronicle government reporter Susan McCord about how much the city saved on cleaning detention ponds has Marion Williams gloating over his goats.In its first year...

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Property transfers

...Block A, Forest Park North, $126,900Aurelia A. Epperson and Stephen A. Epperson to Robert Alan Strickland and Elizabeth Susan Strickland, Lot 5, Block C, Phase One, Hunters Ridge, $10,600Heidemarie T. Snyder and Heidemarie T. Gerner Snyder...