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...Joseph M. Still Burn Center in early May of 2012 because of a devastating infection called necrotizing fasciitis, which forced surgeons to remove her left leg, right foot and both hands. Her fight to survive and recover from the infection attracted nationwide...

Hinchcliffe out of ICU after crash

...substantial" improvement and is expected to make a full recovery without additional surgery. Dr. Timothy Pohlman, the surgeon who operated on Hinchcliffe, said the medical staff is pleased."His condition continues to improve," Pohlman said in...

Stem cells still uncharted territory in sports

...anything that is cutting edge that can get their guys a couple more years in the league," said Dr. Jim Bradley, orthopedic surgeon for the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. "If I was an agent, I'd want the same thing."While Bradley is bullish on its potential...

Make work smoke-free

...tobacco-related-cancer-fact-sheet) and consider the negative effect that tobacco still has on our society, despite the surgeon general's famous tobacco warning, which first was issued on cigarette packs 50 years ago.I hope commissioners will consider...

Plastic surgeons cut up FX drama 'Nip/Tuck'

...an abomination of what real plastic surgeons and true plastic surgeons do," said Dr. Rod Rohrich, president-elect...of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Leo McCafferty, a Pittsburgh plastic surgeon and chair of the American Society...

Surgeons to gain ownership

...in Evans into a joint venture with its surgeons. University's board voted Thursday...ownership shares that can be purchased by surgeons on University's staff for $22,650...University is hoping that at least 20 surgeons will sign up, said Andrew Lasser, the...

Plastic surgeons provide some advice about liposuction

...leader among plastic surgeons. "Go to a board-certified surgeon, go to a facility...and Reconstructive Surgeons. Patients "do need...there is." Several surgeons suggested that to...at one time. If a surgeon proposes to remove...

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Surgeons' care spans the globe

...words, the hands of the surgeons move in concert around...plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Randy Smith pulls...down, while Polish surgeon Dr. Ewa Dobrowolska...Although she is a skilled surgeon, there is something...American and Polish surgeons is now also a personal...

Heart surgeons trying several `keyhole' techniques

Cardiac surgeons are reporting success...disadvantages, however, and surgeons aren't ready to agree...uses traditional surgeon's skills and doesn't...mini-sternotomy, the surgeon saws through only about...shortcomings, many surgeons are adopting the Port-Access...

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Surgeons' new strategy aims to prevent rejection

...is, hand transplant surgeons at University of Pittsburgh...experienced hand transplant surgeons, has a new immunosuppressive...hand transplant, said surgeon Gerald Brandacher...teams be involved, said surgeon Vijay Gorantla, who...transplantation came from hand surgeons, Dr. Gorantla said...