Keylon Thompson III

...made his own banjo and loved playing bluegrass. His love of nature and sports summoned him to mountain biking, sailing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, golfing, ice hockey and world travels. After she adopted him, Keylon credited his cat and companion...

As Explorer loses ground, Microsoft readies new web browser

...competing against rival web browsers, Microsoft is gearing up to launch its own alternative to its once-dominant Internet surfing program.Microsoft has built a new web browser designed for the modern web and mobile devices to go with its new Windows 10...

Half-Moon Outfitters opens in Washington Crossing

...for adventure and travel needs, carrying outdoor apparel, gear and equipment for kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, surfing and similiar activities.The store also features an outdoor courtyard area and climbing wall.This is Half-Moon's ninth...

Opened Cuba has much to offer global community

...granted.Nonetheless, each night on the street I saw young hipsters in skinny jeans, gaggled around cell phones and laptops, surfing the 'Net via our hotel wifi signal. Maybe they can't get it from home, but they still get it.Fortunately, under President...

Balancing Spending and Time: How "Time Frugality" Can Save You Lots of Cash

...week. If you cut back on your non-essential commitments, you probably have more hours. If you cut back on aimless web surfing, you may have even more hours. If you stop trying to keep up with a hobby that doesn't have that spark any more, you have...

Surfing comes out of the water and to the people

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- Surfing champ Kelly Slater may be a total babe...the word from this weekend's OP Pro Surfing Championship finals at the Huntington...less-than-championship quality to those not fluent in surfing vernacular. This is the only North American...

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Net channel surfing is in works

...a computer near you: Internet channel surfing. A bumper crop of new Internet sites...whenever you want it. But unlike TV channel surfing, the Internet incarnation is not bound...place. What will that mean? Well, a TV surfing session at my house is something like...

Kids internet surfing should have fun, be safe

...Internet. They'll have fun and maybe learn something while surfing this summer. But parents need to take steps to keep their...show them." Dr. Bajjaly recommends that parents learn by surfing the Internet themselves. Then they can show their children...

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Detective Internet surfing leads to child porn arrest

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- A Gwinnett County police officer's Internet surfing led to the arrest of a Watkinsville man on child pornography charges, police said. Sgt. Jeff Sligar, public information officer...

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Speech-recognition software makes Web surfing easier

...all our years of wedded bliss, my wife still doesn't understand me. But my computer does -- at least when it comes to surfing the Web. At a time in my life when the only pick-up line of interest is the one at the pharmacy for filled prescriptions...

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