Plotless 'Rise of the Silver Surfer' collapses under its own weight

...Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer sinks under its leaden dialogue, uninspired...his original incarnation, the Silver Surfer was a counterculture favorite, a philosophy-spouting...about the power cosmic, the cinematic Surfer rarely says anything at all, opting instead...

Competitive teen surfer loses arm in shark attack

LIHUE, Hawaii -- A shark bit off the left arm of a 13-year-old competitive surfer Friday morning while she was lying on her board in clear water, authorities said. Bethany Hamilton was attacked on Kauai's...

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Review: 'Fantastic Four' still bore with 'Silver Surfer'

...Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" exceeds the first movie mainly by the...There's a little more at stake in "Silver Surfer" -- the destruction of Earth -- though...about action since last time -- "Silver Surfer" shows definite improvement over the...

Teenager plays soulful surfer on 'Summerland'

...more ways than one. As an actor, the 17-year-old plays surfer Bradin Westerly in "Summerland," which begins its second...still just a regular teen. Because his character is an avid surfer, the East Coast native had to learn surfing for the role...

Manning using spare time to become a net surfer

...more year off, the Tennessee quarterback has used the spare time to become somewhat of an Internet expert. "I'm a 'net surfer now," he said Thursday at a media gathering with Southeastern Conference players and coaches. "I get a lot of e-mail and...

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New material creates groundswell in surf industry

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -- Tan and grinning, surfer Randy French holds chunks of foam in each hand. In his left...surfboard successfully with alternative technology," French said. Surfer Ken Gallione says higher-tech doesn't necessarily mean higher...

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Clothing firms ride surf-skate craze to big profits

LOS ANGELES -- The surfer and the skateboarder have become the salvation of two Southern California companies whose target customers are teenagers and young...

FBI: Man posted sex pictures with daughter on Internet

SAN FRANCISCO -- A tip from a Web surfer led to the arrest of a man on federal charges of having sex with his 10-year-old daughter and posting graphic pictures of them...

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Phillies right fielder has become a force

PHILADELPHIA --- With his long, scraggly blond hair, scruffy face and slender frame, Jayson Werth looks more like a surfer than a power hitter. It's easy to overlook Werth in Philadelphia's potent lineup. Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins are the...

Wakeboarding Q&A

...the wakeboarding movement? A: Although the origins of the wakeboard are disputed, most in the sport agree that California surfer Tony Finn came up with the first wakeboard in 1985. He called it a "skurfer." Q: How many people are wakeboarding? A...