City Ink: Budget proposal late despite law

...used the largest property-tax increase ever, slush funds such as SPLOST and the rain tax to ensure they can hire more supervisors to do nothing, or next to it.For example, with all the talk of transparency in government, the first thing that usually...

Fast food workers protest for higher pay, push presidential candidates to join fight

...and restaurant industries, average hourly pay for front-line workers ? the roughly 80 percent who aren't managers or supervisors ? is below $15. It was $14.90 in the retail industry in October, the Labor Department said last week, and $13...

Questionable call puts spotlight on officials for second week in a row

...Mark Dantonio said he had a long talk Sunday with Big Ten supervisor of officials Bill Carollo but wouldn't comment on the nature...effect on the outcome. Illinois won 14-13.In the Big 12, supervisor of officials Walt Anderson had to answer questions about the...

Recent rains causing problems for farmers

...He and other farmers have already put in calls to their insurance adjustors.Andy Stanley, an Armtech Insurance claims supervisor covering Georgia and South Carolina, said there isn't an estimate yet on the crop loss in Georgia. South Carolina seems...

Morris: I won't apologize for voicing objections

...Kinder Morgan survey crews trespassed on private property after being told to stay out. When confronted by a deputy, one crew supervisor said, "You can't stop the pipeline, they have enough money to push the pipeline through the county."Kinder Morgan...

Public safety officers honored by Exchange Club of South Augusta

...in a shooting in the Augusta Regional Airport taxi lot during Masters Week.The honorees were accompanied by families and supervisors who gave praise."If we had 20 or 30 more like him we'd be a better department," Lt. Robbie Silas said of Roberts...

Carson campaign backtracks on West Point claim

...said Carson was "the top ROTC student in the city of Detroit" and "was introduced to folks from West Point by his ROTC supervisors.""They told him they could help him get an appointment based on his grades and performance in ROTC. He considered it...

Augusta VA supervisor accused of ordering falsified records

A supervisor at the Charlie Nor wood Veterans Affairs...indictment, Henderson from 2012 to 2014 was supervisor of the revenue department and chief...was following the directive of his supervisors, and that will come out in court documents...

Georgia Supreme Court hears arguments over judges filing briefs

...commission rather than the appeal of a legal case. Appeal decisions must be handed down in about four months, but the justices have said in the past that the deadline doesn't apply to its role as supervisor over the legal profession.

Fort Gordon contract $104 million over original estimate

...according to the lawsuit.IAP terminated its Fort Gordon operations manager Feb. 10, 2009. Four months later, the former supervisor sued for slander and libel. U.S. District Judge J. Randal Hall ruled in favor of IAP in 2011, citing lack of evidence...