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Augusta's super 'Trooper'

Terry Sams' cheer and good nature wasn't confined to his TV show. He exuded it to everyone he met.
Raunchy 'Beerfest' does have some sudsy charm

...mem-bers of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, Beerfest covers the same lowbrow thematic ground as the group's 2001 hit Super Troopers. Beerfest follows an underdog American beer-drinking team as it prepares for and eventually enters a super-secret...
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...improves as the troupe manages some genuinely funny jokes and sight gags. The five-man team behind the cop spoof "Super Troopers" again writes and stars: Jay Chandrasekhar (who also directs), Erik Stolhanske, Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan...
At the Movies: 'Beerfest'

...improvement in the pacing. Still, "Beerfest" lifts Broken Lizard back on par with its 2002 mini-hit, the cop spoof "Super Troopers," a significant rebound after the troupe's execrable 2004 slasher-film parody "Club Dread." The movie is...
Hollywood's summer movies are on the way an animated tale with voices by Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts. BEERFEST: Broken Lizard, the gang that made "Super Troopers," brew up a comedy about an Olympic-style beer-drinking spree. CLERKS II: The clerks and slackers of Kevin...
Work It: Danielle Priebe

...time, so it's high reps, light weight and just continuously move. Keep moving, less breaks."FAVORITE MOVIE: Super Troopers FAVORITE MUSCLES TO WORK OUT: Back and shouldersFAVORITE HALF-MARATHON SHE HAS RUN: ING Georgia Half Marathon...
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...street. Augusta Exchange, Aiken BROKEN LIZARD'S CLUB DREAD (HH1/2, R) The comedy troupe Broken Lizard follows Super Troopers with a sex-sand-'n'-slasher romp on Coconut Pete's Pleasure Island. While Pete (Bill Paxton) bores everyone...
At the Movies: 'Broken Lizard's Club Dread'

...wrote and starred in the amusing 2002 cop farce "Super Troopers." Aiming for a medley of humor and horror, the...Stolhanske - was well-suited to the more stoic gags of "Super Troopers." "Club Dread" makes it clear the gang should...
Spidey, Harry and Shrek lead familiar pack of Hollywood films

...writes a best seller on ending relationships. (April) BROKEN LIZARD'S CLUB DREAD: The comedy troupe behind "Super Troopers" heads to a boozy island resort, where visitors start getting bumped off. (February) THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT: Ashton...
UPN's new fall shows

...30-10 p.m., Tuesday When: Previews at 9:30 p.m., Sept. 11; premieres Sept. 16 Who: Michael Weaver ("Super Troopers") and David Hornsby ("Six Feet Under") are Dwayne and Denny Mullet, party-hearty roofers whose proud, outrageous...