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ATMs give out welfare benefits

Clarice Lynch really could have used the money -- but the system just wouldn't cooperate. She tried the new personal identification number. She tried the old PIN. But the automated teller machine wouldn't accept her card. Instead of calling the bank to complain, she'll be calling the government. The 19-year-old Richmond County woman was one of a handful of people who got tangled in the electronic tape of a new program that allows welfare recipients in a dozen Georgia counties to withdraw their benefits from bank cash machines rather than waiting for a check.
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Bank battle could drive away customers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As First Union Corp. and SunTrust Banks Inc. continue their high-stakes battle for Wachovia Corp., all three share one big risk: the potential loss of customers. "Wachovia, SunTrust and First Union need to be careful not take their eye off the ball," said analyst Jennifer Thompson of Putnam Lovell Securities Inc., who has followed the bidding war for the Winston-Salem bank since it began three weeks ago.
It's time to party

Ready or not, it's here.And as Prince (when he was Prince) predicted a number of years ago -- much of the world is gonna party tonight -- because it's the last night of 1999.
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