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Conrad Black removed as chairman of Telegraph Group

...owner said Monday. Black will no longer play an executive part in the Telegraph Group - The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator magazine. Hollinger International's other newspapers include the Chicago Sun-Times and Jerusalem...
Nuts about oniomania

...40 million are on the precipice. But not to worry, says Human Events, which passed on this item from the London Sunday Telegraph: A new drug, being developed by an unnamed pharmaceutical company to counter the shopping disease, is currently...
Tsunami revives question: 'Where was God?'

...Canterbury Rowan Williams said "this has made me question God's existence." Well, no, it didn't. But London's Sunday Telegraph slapped that erroneous headline on Williams' January article. When the archbishop's people protested, the Telegraph...
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Business briefs

...It was unclear how much of a stake in Lehman the banks were seeking to obtain in the negotiations. Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported over the weekend on its Web site that Lehman hoped to conclude a deal this week with KDB, which...
People in the News

...crisis in the late 1960s when his huge fame made it difficult to escape ravenous fans. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Dylan recalled moving to rural New York state in search of solitude, only to be followed en masse by his fans...
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"Crocodile Hunter" answers critics

...comparisons to Jackson. "I would never, ever put him in any danger, not in a million years," he told Australia's Sunday Telegraph. "To hear people say that it was a publicity stunt, that I'm just like Michael Jackson well, it just tears...
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...groups. "We don't want girls to feel under pressure to lose weight because of uniforms," she told Sydney's Sunday Telegraph. But Lisa Ince, head of Sydney Promotional Dancers, said the order was unfair. "It's ridiculous really, if...
Other sports | Augusta State University | University of South Carolina - Aiken

...gymnastics federation and the national Olympic committee for explanations. "We need to establish if this is systematic or whether there are regrettable isolated cases which will also have to be tackled," Rogge told the Sunday Telegraph.
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Holy city of Najaf encircled - dangerous, sensitive and crucial

...said they captured an Iraqi general and killed a Republican Guard colonel (the Iraqis denied it). A reporter for Sunday Telegraph of London reported that Kalashnikov rifles confiscated from defeated Iraqi soldiers were being collected by British...
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Future museum plans head to trash with artifacts

...My artifacts don't come near the junk collection of Barton Lidice Benes of London. According to a story in The Sunday Telegraph, Mr. Benes has nail clippings from Frank Sinatra, Madonna's underwear, jellybeans from the desk of President...
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