State court judge urges support to restore 'tolling' on misdemeanor sentences

...Sentinel and local government practices prompted a flurry of civil suits alleging the firm ? which operated without a contract in Columbia...preferred to fund a publicly run misdemeanor probation office "it suits me fine," although putting the service out for bids, a recommendation...

Apple wins class-action iPod lawsuit

After just a few hours of deliberation, jury finds in favor of Apple in iPod class-action suit.

Body cameras not a 'cure-all' for law enforcement, officials say

...The council has worked extensively with the city's information technology department to determine which model of camera best suits the department as well as the most viable video storage option. Also to be addressed are questions of video quality, download...

Plaintiffs counter Sentinel's plea for state Supreme Court to reconsider recent ruling

...tolling ? the extension of sentences past the original expiration date. Citing the alleged facts in several of the civil rights suits, the plaintiffs were subjected to additional financial obligations to Sentinel because of tolling, attorney John "Jack...

Factory workers are losing leverage

...scalding Centeno, who, according to the suit filed in 2012, wasn't provided protective...as a staffer filled out paperwork, the suit said. Centeno, a father of four, demanded...skin began peeling off, according to the suit. His managers did not wash him off in...

Augusta VA nurses participate in National Day of Action for Ebola Safety

...said dozens of hospitals still lack enough hazardous materials suits that cover the body head to toe and include electronic, air-purifying...hospital created an Ebola task force to acquire full-body suits that are impervious to fluids and began rigor ous face-to-face...

Justices weigh bias claim of pregnant UPS driver

...re-examine Young's case with a more accepting view of the discrimination claim. UPS and other employers facing similar suits would then be able to argue their policies were legal because they were based on seniority or some other acceptable reason...

What Is It?

...anything that has succeeded them. They just seem to evoke an image of elegance with the men in their fedoras and double-breasted suits and the ladies in their flowing, elegant dresses and their matching, meticulously styled hats. There they are just gliding...

Ga. hospice provider settles Medicare suit

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Federal prosecutors say a hospice care provider has agreed to pay more than $500,000 to resolve a false claims settlement.

Georgia Regents University hit with age-discrimination suit

...receive a 2 percent raise and a bonus, the suit states. About two hours later, Duva's immediate...process without success, he stated.Duva's suit follows two other employee discrimination suits against the university. A sex discrimination...