How much sugar is in that? A look at soup, salad dressing and other foods with sugar

...about 25 to 50 grams of sugar a day for most people...to naturally occurring sugars in fruits, vegetables...disclose how much of the sugar listed in the nutrition...products are from added sugars rather than naturally...that might have added sugar or another sweetener...

Karin Calloway | The Augusta Chronicle

...If you like coconut desserts, you'll love this week's recipe. These simple cookies are a cross between a macaroon and a sugar cookie and they come together in no time. Whether you celebrate New Year's Eve with a formal sit-down dinner or a casual...

Last-minute race advice

...drinks provide, but it's better than not drinking them.MORE SUGAR To get the additional carbs I need, I will be sipping three...for a boost of energy at mile 10. Sports gels are basically sugars. Be sure to wash the gel down with water (also provided at...

Players' union head: future spring games in Cuba possible

...spring training camps in Cuba in the 1940s and '50s. The Cincinnati Reds had a Triple-A affiliate on the island, the Havana Sugar Kings.Cuba and the U.S. have a long-time connection through baseball. Several Cuban-born players, including former...

Corporate food makers mask recognizable logos, try hipster guises

...since 1998, according to Beverage Digest ? PepsiCo's Caleb's Kola comes in a glass bottle and is sweetened with cane sugar. There are no signs the drink is from the maker of Mountain Dew and Gatorade, and the bottles bear the words "Honor In Craft...

Futurity Classic Non-Pro champions

...Diana Helm2011 Catlike Kit (220) Ray Baldwin Ray Baldwin2010 Sugar Widows (224) Van E. Holcombe Seth E. Holcombe2009 Jazzy...Freckles Lady Lena (216.5) Sheila Adams Sheila Adams1985 Sugars Starlight (216) Lee Holsey Lee Holsey

Roots of taste found underground

...chill, which beckons forth protective sugars in the cell walls of the plants. Because...coating of butter to seal their abundant sugars. The beet is an unfortunately maligned...and moist, secreting all of its natural sugars and its knockout color. Sliced or chunked...

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Vegetables give grill healthful use

...hot layer of coals. The smoke lends a unique flavor to vegetables, and the high heat of the grill draws out their natural sugars, caramelizing their surface for an irresistible bite. Add a punch of flavor with a marinade, serve with an array of sauces...

Braves: Spring Training Watch (Part 6)

...role on a regular basis soon, and Cunningham proving himself capable for a couple years now. Minor pitchers - Cody Martin, Sugar Ray Marimon, Brandon Cunniff and Brady Feigl are the pitchers in camp without the big names who could eventually find a role...

I'm Now a Banana-Powered Runner

...protein shakes. Nothing seemed to work as well as a bottle of sugar water. I'll take a couple of gulps before a run and I'm...to carry than a bottle of water and a banana. Their jolt of sugars in the middle of a run is much appreciated. And honestly...