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Treasured ornaments

...For me, the sentiment is made cheerful and contemporary by being on a Christmas sled," Mrs. Hymel said. Sue Alzheimer Sue Alzheimer, of Augusta, has angels all over her tree. One angel is a small cream-colored one, made by an artist friend...
Your Faith
Cooking up family tradition do more than just serve food -- they're trying to preserve a cultural heritage, which is good," he said. Sue Alzheimer, whose grandmother was German, and her husband, who is also part German, are among the faithful customers at Villa...
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`Farmers project' grows food for Golden Harvest

...for farmers to be able to use land that they're not using right now. There is a lot more we could do." Volunteer Sue Alzheimer, with her children Alex, 11, Mary, 9, and Peter, 6, and other young people herded beans through a pea sheller...
Helpers keep food bank alive

...rained out last week. "It's a small way, a very small way, for me to do a Christian act," said Augusta resident Sue Alzheimer, who picked some of the purple-hull peas on the Kling farm, along with her three children. "It was fun for the...
Know our nation's spiritual roots

Regarding Victor Reilly ("Culture of life seems selective," April 21) and Sue Alzheimer ("Secular nation imperils values," April 25) on our nation's secularity or conformity to Christian principles: I see Reilly's...
Tell full story about city's X-Mart fight

...reporting enough of the facts in this particular article it appears as if the owners of The Augusta Chronicle are eager to have such a business here and aid X-Mart's lawsuit against the city through poor reporting! Sue Alzheimer, Augusta