South Carolina Republican strategists make their mark

...state has become a hotbed for political strategists. Scott Howell and Heath Thompson worked...one South Carolina's top political strategists, and the late Lee Atwater, the native...presidential primary also introduces political strategists to national politicians who "have got...

Federal Reserve says no rate hike is likely until job market improves and inflation rises

...noted that the economy, which it previously said was growing solidly, has "moderated somewhat."Dan Greenhaus, chief strategist at BTIG, said the Fed's statement Wednesday lowered the odds of mid-year rate hike."What's important about this...

Wall Street strategists divided on market direction in 2003

...Morgan Stanley, chief U.S. strategist Steve Galbraith also predicts...senior institutional equity strategist Tobias Levkovich gives an...But there are also those strategists who don't see much changing...Dickson, senior market strategist at Lowry's Research Reports...

Asian crisis shocks strategists

...analysts, economists and investment strategists, Money praised the "economic miracle...the magazine's chief investment strategist. Mr. Sivy does not lack for company...said Rao Chalasani, chief investment strategist at Everen Securities in Chicago. Another...

Money managers warning that stocks are due for a dip

...investor, but few market strategists believe that 2014 will be...percent.On average, market strategists expect 2014 to be somewhat...said Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management...The consensus among market strategists is that profit growth will...

Romney says he won't run

...he run. Romney's inner circle was surprised to lose Kochel, whom a Bush spokesman called one of "the most respected strategists" in the country. The exit of Romney from the campaign most immediately benefits the other favorites of the party's establishment...

Jeb Bush resigns business posts

...Bush and Associates, and Britton Hill Holdings, a Florida-based private equity and business advisory group.While some strategists have said Bush's private-equity work could open him to some of the same criticisms that dogged Mitt Romney, the GOP's...

US retail sales fall for 3rd month as auto purchases drop

...numbers suggest but neither can we say consumer spending is growing as robustly as some had hoped," Dan Greenhaus, chief strategist at brokerage BTIG LLC, said in a note to clients.Robust hiring in the past 12 months and lower gas prices lifted consumer...

Staffers downplay idea of Kerry sweep

...in five Democratic presidential contests Tuesday, party strategists say, with dreams of a decisive sweep hinging on two states...Clark and Mr. Edwards locked in a three-way race. Party strategists and polls gave Mr. Kerry the edge in New Mexico (26 delegates...

Hey - what about Pakistan's nukes?

Many politicians, military strategists, columnists and others have stated that we, the free world, (a.k.a. "The West") must never allow nuclear weapons to...