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Perdue shows commitment to foreign language program

...the local system does not implement the program. We are dependent on it for those salaries," said Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal, whose school has been participating since the 1997-98 school year. The Columbia County School System...
Virus appears to be abating

...percent absentee rate. "We've started the morning with 129 out and have sent 17 home sick," said Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal. Absence numbers at three middle schools, which had been around 26 percent during the peak of the epidemic...
Metro | Greenbrier High School
Illness keeps pupils home for 2nd week

...percent of the pupil population was absent Tuesday, and 25 percent were out at Riverside Elementary. Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal wasn't at school Tuesday. She was at home taking care of her third-grade daughter, Annie. Last...
Metro | Greenbrier High School
Curriculum compromise approved

...language is a perfect example. It could be a part of the academic core if the case is warranted." Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal governs a school where most parents vehemently protested the guidelines because they threatened a state-grant...
Metro | Richmond County Board of Education
Raising the Standard

...selected to recite verses in praise of Old Glory. "I'm glad to be a part of something so important." Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal assembled representatives from the sheriff's office, school safety office and Martinez Fire Department...
School to bank on language success

...the human brain is capable of learning four languages, so I guess we're moving toward that goal," Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal said. At the urging of her French-speaking mother, third-grader Callaway Powlus intends to take...
Metro | Columbia County Board of Education
Moving helps Columbia County pupils learn Spanish

...French and German in after-school programs but lost the teachers needed to keep those classes going. Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal is negotiating to start a Mandarin Chinese after-school class for the second semester while she struggles...
Education | Education
Markers replace chalk in schools

...their chalkboards. One teacher has asthma, and the smell of the markers can trigger an attack, said Stevens Creek Principal Michelle Paschal. "Some don't like the chalkboards because they are allergic to chalk; others don't like the white...