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Fresh ideas in this city take a back seat to partisanship

...on the personal attacks, replied, "I don't want to go into that" - the equivalent of shrugging his shoulders and walking away. There are many ways to cover one's butt, but running away is my least favorite. Steven Lemon, Augusta
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Not all Vietnam vets are heroes

...did my job and am satisfied with my own service, then I don't need to criticize anyone else's service or the lack thereof. We were winning when I left. That does not make everyone who served after that losers. Steven Lemon, Augusta
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Raps Sore-Loserman's mouthpiece

...charged with impeding any voter legally qualified to vote. There is nothing improper about winning by 537 out of six million votes. Even a Palm Beach counter can figure out that all one needs is a margin of one ... Steven Lemon, Augusta
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Hits federal raid on home

...have them." Oh, excuse me. This isn't Cuba. Come to think of it, Elian Gonzalez will be a lot safer there. No one kicks in your door, because there is no danger of you shooting anyone in defense of your home. Steven Lemon, Augusta
Burns has responded, Walker hasn't

...12th District now. I will support Max Burns for Congress, based on the facts that I agree with much of his philosophy and that I don't know enough about Charles Walker Jr.'s philosophy to make a determination. Steven Lemon, Augusta