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Barbershop singing is about gathering harmonious voices

...the Garden City Chorus seemed to be having a conversation through song. "It goes beyond the music," said member Steven Deitch. There's "(There's) a lot of family and camaraderie in the chorus. It's something that can be shared between...
Richmond Neighbors
Entry points to the Internet proliferate, specialize

...portals like Citimall; and specialized search engines just for finding people, like Bigfoot and InfoSpace. Andrew and Steven Deitch, cousins from Long Island, N.Y., scraped together $10,000 to launch FreeWebCentral, a portal geared toward...
XXX Technology
How dare you support the first lady

I agree with Michelle Obama's "pet cause" wholeheartedly -- yet disagree with The Augusta Chronicle pandering to those who truly support the Obamas.