Couple claims lottery jackpot

...Washington, Ga., couple won the second-largest payout since the Georgia Lottery Corp. started business in 1996. Stephen Moore collected $88.9 million in September 2003. But the Joneses have modest plans. First, buy an expensive meal while...

Georgia likely state to add employment

...Laffer, "the father of supply-side economics" during the Reagan administration, Wall Street Journal columnist Stephen Moore and the council's director of tax policy Jonathan Williams.Laffer compared each state on 15 factors. Georgia fared...

Estate taxes repeal bill faces uphill battle in Senate

...also passed the House last year only to die in the Senate. "I think they'll end up with 56 votes on this," said Stephen Moore, president of the conservative Club for Growth. "The Senate is always the holdup on this." Without a bill to permanently...

Conservative group ranks Ga. 10th in economic potential, S.C. 27th

...performance ladder."There are a lot of things that affect a state's economic outlook besides their policy," said Stephen Moore, one of the study's authors, the founder of the Club for Growth think tank and now a columnist for The Wall Street...

Fearless tax cutting

...broke even without this giveaway). But how seriously should Clinton's pay-off-the-debt promise be taken? As Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute points out, it was just six months ago Clinton urged on Congress an obese $150 billion budget...

Property transfers

...000 Elizabeth N. Lewis Bernard, Thomas N. Bernard III, Thomas N. Bernard Jr. and Elizabeth N. Lewis to F. Stephen Moore and Katherine W. Moore, Section 1, Lot 28, Block C, Greenbrier , $145,000 Chase Home Finance LLC to U.S...

Barnes draws a rave

...score a "B." "Roy Barnes may be the preeminent tax-cutting Democrat on the national scene," exults Cato's Stephen Moore and the Goldwater Institute's Stephen Slivinski in the Sept. 20 Wall Street Journal. "He pushed a Taxpayer Bill...

Miraculous progress

...the greatest century of human progress in history," according to a just released Cato Institute study authored by Stephen Moore and the late Julian L. Simon. "There has been more material progress in the United States in the 20th century than...

Property transfers

...Corp. Home Equity and US Bank National Association Trustee to James West, Lot 5, Block D, Durand, $34,000 F. Stephen Moore and Katherine W. Moore to Sharon L. Foster, Section 1, Lot 28, Block C, Greenbrier, $160,000 Richard W...

Life & style
Unemployed Americans dropping out of labor pool

...people. Many are deciding to focus on school or to pursue advanced degrees in hopes the labor market will improve. Stephen Moore, 23, graduated from Manhattanville College in Westchester, N.Y., in 2002 with a degree in political science...