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Georgia attorney general challenges lawyers to food fight

...haul."It's as simple as picking up extra items while you're food shopping," said Young Lawyers President Stephanie Kirijan.The announcement coincided with the food banks officials' trip to the Capitol to showcase the need for legislation...
Candidates vie for political win from test scores

...reading, where 79 percent of pupils passed, up from 65 percent in 2000. "The SAT scores reflect where Georgia has been in education," said Barnes campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Kirijan. "The CRCT scores show where Georgia is going."
Parole board leaders investigated

...complete. "There's an ongoing criminal investigation by the attorney general's office," said Barnes spokeswoman Stephanie Kirijan. "We can't interfere with that or comment on it." MR. WHITWORTH and Mr. Ray have acknowledged receiving thousands...
Bills focus on open records

...chambers of the General Assembly and now needs only the governor's signature to become law. Barnes spokeswoman Stephanie Kirijan said the governor would not comment on the two bills. As a policy, the governor does not talk about pending legislation...
Georgians look to match neighbors' offers

...obstacles. Gov. Roy Barnes, who is no big fan of incentives, is hesitant because of timing, said spokeswoman Stephanie Kirijan. "We are open to any initiative that helps foster economic development, but given the economic slowdown, we need...
Across Georgia

...withholding the names of six companies getting special income-tax reductions. "The quote is correct," said Stephanie Kirijan, Mr. Barnes' deputy press secretary. She said the comments were directed at Sen. Eric Johnson of Savannah and...