Umbilical cord blood stem cells help stroke victims

Stem cells taken from human umbilical cord blood reversed...American Heart Association, found that stem cells injected into the rats found their way...stroke was induced. It's unclear how the stem cells knew to migrate to the damaged area of...

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Stem cells still uncharted territory in sports

...career. So he paid $3,000 to have stem cells extracted from his waist, separated...still-evolving knowledge about what stem cells can do. Blame hype that accompanies...exactly stem cell therapy does. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found...

Some stem cells heal differently, researchers said

Forget the traditional view that certain stem cells will heal by becoming replacement cells for damaged tissue...overreacting, doing other damage," he said. "They get the stem cells that are in the heart to actually plug the holes of the...

South Carolina lawmaker accused of misbranding stem cells

...federal charges over the misbranding of stem cells by a business he once owned.Rep...company that harvests and processes stem cells from umbilical cord blood. The government...to December 2008, Caledonia sold stem cells to a Texas man who performed unapproved...

Georgia scientists explore stem cells

...floppy-eared goats could receive stem cells derived from a mouse. What happens...Medical College of Georgia involves stem cells derived from animals, such as the...just after birth, which is rich in stem cells. The National Institutes of Health...

Body may heal itself with stem cells' help

Using stem cells to spark the body's own repair system...state's universities and biotech companies. Stem cells, whether derived from unwanted embryos...by Athersys of Cleveland, Ohio, use stem cells derived from bone marrow. The company...

Scientists find two types of stem cells

...Children in Toronto have learned that stem cells - mother cells within bone marrow...equally. After transplanting human stem cells into laboratory mice, researchers...short- and long-term types of stem cells existed, doctors have never made...

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Stem cells from fat used to repair skull injury

Surgeons have used stem cells from fat to help repair skull damage...the child's bone were mixed with stem cells, the cells would turn into bone-building...prove that our success comes from the stem cells alone," he said, "but the combination...

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Stem cells ferry concentrated anticancer drug to tumors

...by manipulating a certain type of stem cells to encode the interferon beta gene. The stem cells then move like guided missiles...treated with the engineered human stem cells survived for 60 days, according...

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Company uses adult stem cells in effort to heal failing hearts

...experimental procedure that multiplies stem cells taken from a patient's own blood...promising results in similar trials using stem cells extracted from bone marrow. Proponents...is simpler and less painful to get stem cells from blood than extracting the cells...

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