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Savannah River Site contractor removes 5 million gallons of salt waste from underground tanks

...from the salt waste are sent to the Defense Waste Processing Facility where they are blended with glass in stainless steel canisters. The remaining decontaminated salt solution is sent to a saltstone facility that mixes it with cement in holding...
Multiyear fuel processing project begins at Savannah River Site

...those operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Waste generated by the process will be sent to the site's Defense Waste Processing Facility where it is mixed with glass and poured into stainless steel canisters for long-term storage.
Dangerous sodium reactor spent fuel dissolved at Savannah River Site

...Chronicle archives.The fuel was dissolved with other high-aluminum fuel from L-Area. The solution will be transferred to the Defense Waste Processing Facility at SRS, where it will be vitrified and permanently sealed in steel canisters.
Savannah River Remediation President Ken Rueter shares 2014 outlook

...Waste Processing Facility, which mixes waste with glass in a process called vitrification and seals the material in steel canisters.During the month, the facility filled 40 canisters ? surpassing the previous record of 37 canisters produced in...
Haley, nuke industry leaders tout SC as ideal for next-generation plants

...paper.Singh said that under his company's design, spent reactor fuel would be stored underground in stainless steel canisters within the five-acre site. Spent fuel from 100 years of operation could be contained in a space 30 feet wide by...
SRS awaits Energy Department nuclear waste strategy

...officials brief Congress on a new national disposal strategy.Currently, the site's inventory includes about 3,100 steel canisters of stabilized waste that, until the Obama administration canceled the Yucca Mountain project in 2010, were to be...
Used fuel reprocessing resumes at SRS H Canyon the site's "tank farm" for storage until it is mixed with glass and "vitrified" and permanently sealed in steel canisters. Swain said the project should be completed in late 2013.
Savannah River Site not concerned by leak at other site

...accounts for much of the volume, but the sludge is the most radioactive and much more dangerous. That material is sent to the Defense Waste Pro ces sing Facility at SRS, where it is "vitrified" in glass and sealed in steel canisters.
Plutonium disposal strategy debated

...Processing Facility, where radioactive waste is blended with glass (a process called vitrification) and stored in steel canisters.Also in the modifications to the environmental impact statement are provisions to evaluate the effects of using...
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Nuke panel tours area

...Defense Waste Processing Facility, where high-level wastes are "vitrified," or shrouded in glass and poured into steel canisters; and the under-construction mixed oxide fuel facility, which will use plutonium from dismantled nuclear bombs...
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