Man unearths history of Bath paper, textile mill

...also made of brick, likely fed a water wheel that powered the mill, Jones said.Rickety wooden boards supported by steel beams make up the "power plant" floor, just a few feet above a pond. Jones, who lives in nearby Langley, didn't know...

Ohio airport tests new way to avoid deadly bird strikes

...of standing water.Then there are design factors.Light posts can be fitted with anti-perching devices. Tubular steel beams for terminals and hangars are also much-less desirable as resting spots, compared to traditional I-beams with...

Milwaukee Brewers honor Bob Uecker with statue - in the last row

...up in the upper reaches of the ballpark.Fittingly, the statue's location features a view partially blocked by a steel beam. Fans can take photos next to the statue for a fee that goes to charity."When I first heard about the project...

David Oliver wins gold at Worlds in 110 hurdles

...David Oliver had no trouble.Stepping past a tiny steel beam jutting from the floor inside Luzhniki Stadium soon after...6-foot-2, 205-pound Oliver comes barreling by.Steel beams? That's something he still has to work on.

Superstorm doesn't affect NBA, NFL schedules

...standing is the famed Leaning Oak ? supported by a steel beam since 1956 ? on the right side of the 12th hole."The...remarkable considering how long it's been supported by that steel beam for decades now," tournament director Ryan Cannon said...

Remembering 9/11: 'You will always be my hero'

...firefighters plan to lay 343 roses on a 15,000-pound steel beam salvaged from the World Trade Center, in honor of their...attendant on Sept. 11.Then she turned to face the steel beam from the trade center and cried. "She said she was...

Middlemen put crimp in system to catch metal thieves

...increased, which is why so many folks are trying to get in on the game."People are now selling farming equipment, steel beams and older vehicles that are broken down," Brown said.Record-keeping is at issue. If the recyclers notice something...

Turbine restart stalled for unexpected repairs

...them back up we noticed some structural problems," said Dayton Sherrouse, the authority's executive director. The steel beams supporting pipes in the turbine area had begun to weaken. "If they sag the least bit, we have major problems...

Academy of Richmond County opens IB Wing addition

...old Richmond Academy building into the new wing. For example, the hallway used to be an exterior walkway, and its steel beams are visible, though they are painted the school colors, purple and gold.Scott Ramsey, the site superintendent for...

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Honeybee hive removed from power substation

...them like this," Dr. Middlebrooks said of the exposed honeycombs, which dangled in linear sections from beneath a steel beam. "The hives are usually enclosed and almost never out in the open like that." On Wednesday, accompanied by safety...