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Gas station gunman sought

Authorities have identified a man wanted for an armed robbery of a gas station Friday. Madison Antonio Lewis, 24, of 512 E.Seventh Street in Waynesboro, Ga., is wanted on charges of armed robbery and possession...
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Mir crew leaves station to videotape damaged module

MOSCOW (AP) - Mir's Russian-American crew took a spin around the space station Friday, videotaping the banged-up Spektr module in preparation for what Russians bill as the toughest repair job in the history of...
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Aiken County police looking for armed bandits who fired shots in morning robbery attempt

Aiken County police are searching for two black men who fired several shots during an armed robbery at a gas station Friday.Police were called to Smart Grocery, 5056 Whiskey Road, at 7:08 a.m. where the victim told them he was approached...
Pupils study Colonial ways

...last week was like stepping back into the Colonial period. As pupils and other visitors traveled from station to station Friday, fourth-graders, Colonial re-enactors and volunteers talked about what life was like for Colonials and American...
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Rants and raves

...I WOULD LIKE to give a pat on the back for the doctors and staff out at Augusta National who manned the first aid station Friday during the Masters Tournament. My grandson was visiting me in Augusta from Jackson, Miss., and had a terrible...
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A firefighter's chief

...Al Gillespie is that he's "a firefighter's chief." Chief Gillespie spent about an hour at the downtown fire station Friday morning, sitting at a wooden dining table, drinking coffee and talking with the men who work there. Although it...
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Astronauts wrap up space station work

...early Friday, was the replacement of a broken fan. Atlantis and its crew of seven are due to undock from the space station Friday evening after nearly a week of linked flight. "Obviously I have a vested interest in what's going on up here...
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Mir computer working again

...system keeps it properly aligned. The space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to lift off Tuesday and dock with the station Friday to pick up astronaut Andrew Thomas, the seventh and last American to live on the Russian outpost. Lyndin said space...
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Across Georgia

...apparently after he fell beneath a train. Witnesses noticed the body of Rob Fortuna, 23, lying near the tracks at the station Friday, authorities said. A police statement says he appeared to have slipped between two carriages while trying to board...
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Astronaut finds lost-in-space canisters in space station

...suits because of a different problem. McArthur and Tokarev have been working on the space station since Oct. 3. They are to be relieved by a crew that is scheduled to arrive at the station Friday night after launching from Kazakhstan.
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