We need statesmen, not politicians

...I'm scared. I pray that we will be blessed with the coming forth of some real statesmen, for regardless of your party affiliation, there are no real statesmen out there, and we are a poorer country for that very reason. They have taken prayer...

Augusta needs statesmen at helm

...only what is best for them and their party to keep in power. Statesmen, on the other hand, put citizens and community first in...where the fire stations are. Our citizens are crying for statesman-like leadership. If we don't real leaders in our government...

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Elder statesmen meet up Tuesday night

...National Hockey League with the Winnipeg Jets. More than 14 years later, their paths cross again, this time as the elder statesmen of the East Coast Hockey League as Draper's Augusta Lynx face Berthiaume and the Greensboro Generals Tuesday night at Greensboro...

Monty Python alumni reunite for weekend to liven up Tribeca Film Festival

NEW YORK - Today they reign as elder statesmen of cerebral silliness, these alumni of the Monty Python comedy troupe and, some would argue, the funniest men who ever lived...

An endorsement for change, progress, unity

There aren't too many true statesmen left. But Helen Blocker-Adams became one on Tuesday. In endorsing...derided as "Uncle Toms" and worse. In truth, however, they are statesmen. Contrary to hurting her, we believe her courageous stand for...

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Ramblin' Rhodes: Georgian enlivened gospel-music shows

...The founder, singer and pianist of The Statesmen (and later Masters V) gospel group...home at age 75. Mr. Lister and The Statesmen sang How Great Thou Art and Peace in...Southern gospel has its Blackwoods and Statesmen. Baseball has its Babe Ruths and Mickey...

Microsoft's new college dictionary missing a few facts

...Civil War qualify as statesmen, except Richard Nixon...receive the label "statesman," except for two...a president, just a statesman. -Dick Cheney and...Israeli prime minister and statesman." Menachem Begin and...identified only as Israeli statesmen. The entry for former...

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Photos of the century

Wars are fought. Statesmen die. Buildings fall. Communities rise. And camera shutters snap. Each one, be it yesterday's Speed Graphic or today's...

Joe? No

Joe Lieberman is one of a dying breed of statesmen in our nation's capital. The senator from Connecticut is a patriot and a gentleman who puts the country first, not his political...

Letter: Government's problems truly are 'epic'

...rather than being so concerned with one thought: "What do I need to do to get re-elected?"With the severe shortage of statesmen in Congress, there probably is little hope for term limits, since their main focus is to save their jobs rather than do...