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The essentials: planning for college

...that will prepare you for college. Obtain career information and explore interests on or similar state Web sites. Get in on extracurricular opportunities in your neighborhood. - In 10th grade: Review your goals and curriculum...
Xtreme | Cross Creek High School
Bad medicine

...we're sent from the state," Dr. Wolfe said. Georgia and Alabama tied for 40th in Public Citizen's ranking of state Web sites on doctor disciplinary records, and Georgia earned a D grade for content, Dr. Wolfe said. Georgia is spending...
Rezoning shouldn't dilute school quality

...and children should not be considered mere numbers to balance high school enrollment. I have researched county and state Web sites to compare the schools in question. I have found that the 2007 graduation rate for Columbia County was 81.4 percent...
Letters | Richmond County Board of Education
State's abortion law gets new restrictions

...available for prenatal care, childbirth and neonatal care, legal responsibilities of the father and that there are state Web sites that describe the unborn child, agencies offering alternatives to abortion and information on fetal pain. - A woman...
States hope tax scofflaws will pay to avoid being outed on the Web

...neighbors be able to see your debt, that would be embarrassing of course, and that's the whole idea." Some of the state Web sites are getting thousands of hits a day. It's a bit of legal snooping designed to "out" tax evaders. In Georgia...