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Daughter pushes for mother's clemency on eve of execution for murder

ATLANTA - The daughter of the lone woman on Georgia's death row is asking the state parole board to grant her mother life in prison instead of the death penalty for plotting to have her father killed ? even though she says her...
Madge Wise

...a one year business course at Winthrop College. After Winthrop, she moved to Columbia where she worked for the state parole board. There she lived in a boarding house owned by Mr. Wise's aunt who introduced her nephew to Miss Gandy. While...
Across South Carolina

...row than any other current inmate will have to wait longer to see whether he'll be set free.On Wednesday, a state Parole Board hearing scheduled for Edward Lee Elmore, 51, was delayed at the request of his own attorney while a federal appeals...
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Parole board to hear killer's bid for clemency

...nothing in the Georgia constitution ... that requires us to go beyond that," Mr. Drolet said. Since 1995, the state parole board has considered 24 death sentences and commuted only three. The most recent was in May, when the board commuted...
Officials will talk of status on visit prison with the possibility of parole. Mrs. Mulherin is kept abreast of Mr. Lawrence's status through the state parole board. Any victim or victim's family member can receive the same type of information. And next month, victims and...
Across Georgia

...board claims it doesn't have the authority to grant. On Monday, Mr. Alderman passed up a chance to meet with state parole board officials to make his case for clemency. Carter won't make run for Barrow's seat SAVANNAH- State Rep. Buddy...
Child-killer set to be released

...County Sheriff Charles Webster, District Attorney Danny Craig and Superior Court Judge Albert Pickett to write to the state parole board. Although they didn't urge the board to release Mr. Phipps, they expressed no opposition to early release...
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...clemency has the backing of the state Office of the Public Defender, which filed a clemency petition in June with the State Parole Board. The petition claims McClain suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, stemming from a lifetime of psychological...
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Lennon's death lingers for men who were there

...never remarried, and still lives in the Dakota. She tends to the Lennon legacy, which includes convincing the state parole board that Chapman should die behind bars. He comes up for parole next year. The cops from the 20th Precinct hold a reunion...
Chapman: 'Nothing could have stopped' Lennon's murder

...said. "And something in me just broke." Chapman, 50, is eligible for parole again next year. Ono has repeatedly argued against Chapman's release, and his bids for freedom were already rejected three times by the state parole board.