Bill to alter Greenwood's segregated war memorial goes nowhere

...He was stunned when he found out earlier this year that the law passed in 2000 to move the Confederate flag off the State house dome meant he would be breaking the law.The law requires a two-thirds vote from the Legis la ture to relocate, remove...

Georgia House Speaker says no vote for 'religious freedom' bill that became flashpoint

...RELIGIOUS LIBERTY': A bill that became a flashpoint for a debate about anti-gay discrimination remained bottled up in a state House committee Thursday evening. Supporters tabled it last week after a Republican member added language preventing it from...

Judge rules SC State trustees can fire President Thomas Elzey; board holds meeting by phone

...administration and operations at The Citadel.S.C. State trustees gave him a favorable review last year. But that was before State House members last month suggested temporarily shutting the school and suggested that Elzey hadn't been entirely honest...

Mayor offers surprising lunch invitation

...will turn 84 on May 1, was elected to the Augusta City Council in 1967 and served two terms before running for the state House against Jack Connell. Two years later, Connell ran against Cheeks and won, and eventually became the longest-serving...

Opinions differ as law preserves Greenwood's segregated war memorial

...relocated, removed, disturbed or altered. Changes can be made only with approval of at least two-thirds of the state House and Senate."I had absolutely no idea," Adams said. "That was a very sad day," when he found out the installation...

South Carolina House approves firing SC State's trustees amid fiscal crisis

ORANGEBURG, S.C. - The state House voted Tuesday to fire all the trustees of financially troubled South Carolina State University, as the board met for the fourth...

Take notice

...Capitol. The vote on S.B. 186 must occur no later than Crossover Day, this Friday, to have a chance of reaching the state House of Representatives and the governor's desk this year.In the interest of transparency, Georgia lawmakers should...

RCBOE takes stance against Gov. Deal's 'school opportunity district'

...the opportunity district and a resolution amending the constitution March 5, and both are now being debated in the state House.Board Chair Helen Minchew said while the board was "happy" to receive resources, information and other forms of...

Georgia drivers pay $7.9 billion for bad roads, study finds

...bridges across the state, according to a report released Wednesday by transportation advocates. Also on Wednesday, a state House committee approved an amended transportation bill that would allow local governments to continue collecting some sales...

Georgia lawmakers battle over ending tax credits for electric vehicles

State tax credits that have allowed thousands of Georgians to drive electric vehicles at nearly no cost could be coming to an end if the state House favors a bill proposed by one lawmaker.