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State historian wants flag changed

SULLIVANS ISLAND, S.C. --- South Carolina held its first state flag day Friday, but the festivities brought to light a historical problem: The flag that flies today was never approved by lawmakers.
Honest Abe didn't say all those famous quotes, honestly

...16th president. Unfortunately, some of those uplifting quotations will be wrong. Thomas Schwartz, an Illinois state historian, says the very quotable "Honest Abe" did not say many of the things attributed to him. Among the fake quotations...
Bill Kirby
Christianity undergoing massive global shift

...since 1900 "may well be the largest shift in religious affiliation that has ever occurred, anywhere," says Penn State historian Philip Jenkins. He first examined such trends in The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity. Oxford...
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President's education plans bring him to Augusta

...a president since Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s. "It's an honor we haven't had in a while," said Augusta State historian Edward Cashin. "It's an important moment." Tickets for the event are gone. The university expects 3,000 people...
Metro | Augusta State University
Struggle for tree in Chattanooga yields awareness

...Roberts' quest, Ms. Robinson said, the council is considering establishing a voluntary heritage tree program. A state historian came to town and confirmed that the tree stands near the point where Sherman launched his march to Atlanta. Civil...
'Da Vinci Code' raises Mary Magdalene questions the second century, soon after the New Testament Gospels. But most other scholars, including Chilton and Penn State historian Philip Jenkins, say that's unreasonably early. Jenkins' "Hidden Gospels" argues that the faddish effort to...
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Americans want to know past presidents

...historians; and not entirely.) Sometimes visitors relate too closely to the answers. Thomas Schwartz, the Illinois state historian, remembers one tour of the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield: "When I mentioned that Lincoln...
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Augusta State University notes in management; and Toni Newman, of Augusta, received second place in marketing. Mr. Harris was also elected state historian. The university's PBL chapter received awards, including first place for interaction with the Future Business...
Metro | Augusta State University

...Augusta, first place in C++ programming; David Harris, of North Augusta, first place in management and elected state historian; and Toni Newman, of Augusta, second place in marketing. The chapter also received awards, including first place...
Metro | Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School | Augusta State University
Plotting Lewis and Clark's trail with old journals, high-tech equipment

...even resort to eating colts to survive. "They weren't used to mountains like this," said Larry Jones, an Idaho state historian. In 1998, Russell hiked the Idaho leg "in all kinds of weather, walked in rain and snow. I wanted to add to my...
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