Fools like us

...it was an insult to the American people and their state governments, which, he supposed, wouldn't stand for the kind...schemes of usurpation will be easily defeated by the state governments, who will be supported by the people."Again...

Winter storm slams parts of the South, dropping snow, sleet; Northeast freezes in bitter cold

...as was expected with the 2015 version.North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday shut down all non-mandatory state government operations in Wake County in the early afternoon before any precipitation had fallen. He also declared a state of...

Bad roads cost Georgians, group says

...close to $1 billion to yearly transportation spending by taking some of it from money used now for other parts of state government and by taking some from taxes cities, counties and schools use for their own operations. Local officials are generally...

Poll finds little support for road funding

...error.The pollster, Matt Towery, said the results present a political headache for the Republicans controlling state government."The biggest problem with this proposal as it currently stands is that it has very little support from GOP voters...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: FUNDING FOR THE tuition-free college plan will come from the federal government and state governments ... and where does that funding come from? Oh, right, they just print it in D.C. like Monopoly money. OBAMA...

SC tourism groups urge road repairs

...in tax revenue, according to the state Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism."From our perspective, if state government were a parent and the infrastructure system were a child, government agencies would have rushed in to put this child...

With oil down, Alaska faces budget crunch

...starting Tuesday, the price had dropped by more than half.Alaska heavily relies on oil revenue to fund the cost of state government, but the fall in prices has contributed to an estimated 80 percent decline in the state's share of production...

Don't request more - spend less

...has pressing transportation needs, but it's obvious the state's taxpayers aren't interested in writing the state government a blank check to cover the expenses.Until lawmakers can ensure transportation funds are actually spent on transportation...

Group pushing SC school reform

...lawmakers, Lewis Gossett, president and CEO, South Carolina Manufacturing Alliance, April Allen, director of state government relations, Continental Tire Corporation, and five representatives from the districts that sued the state in Abbeville...

US construction spending slips in November

...signals increased activity. Demand for apartment and condominium complexes has contributed to the increase, while more than five years after the Great Recession ended, local and state governments are restarting delayed building projects.