New leader for Georgia Power's Augusta region

...Power in 1984, oversaw operations across Augusta for four years. In his new role, he will lead the company's state government efforts, managing issues and filings before the Georgia Public Service Commission.He previously worked at Geor...

An overdue exit

...department store websites handle much more online traffic with infinitely more ease, the awesome power of the United States government under Sebelius could not manage to build a website capable of the most menial tasks for the least amount of visitors...

Deal reports $3.9 million in cash for re-election bid

...to supporters.On Monday, Deal announced a proposal to overhaul the ethics commission by allowing each branch of state government to appoint four members. The current five-person commission would grow to 12 under the plan, which would require...

Hospital provider fee unsettled

...increase Medicaid reimbursements to hospitals.Medicaid, jointly financed by the federal government and individual state governments, covers about 1.6 million poor and disabled Georgians.

Former judge explains why he's challenging Haley

...number of people who need coverage, but I'm not promoting it either because I have concerns about the cost to state government," he said. "I want to study that issue."Haley campaign spokesman Rob Godfrey dismissed her new opponent...

Former Bank of America CEO Hugh McColl Jr. speaks during Augusta Boy Scouts event

...said Augusta doesn't need much help, but any further revitalization must come locally ? not from the federal or state government."Whatever happens is going to have to be driven from the local people," he said. "I think y'all have...

Rants and Raves

...and hide somewhere because it is very offensive to me that we can't handle our problems without intervention from state government. I WAS TEARY-EYED as I read the Kay Allen statement. What a load of baloney! The only thing she is doing is...

Augusta lost retail, health, government jobs in January

...Department also said there were losses in education and health services of about 900 jobs, plus about 500 jobs in state government.Slight losses were reported in hospitality, manufacturing, business services, information and local government...

State legislators back medical marijuana bill

...make it tougher for Georgia's state government to expand its Medicaid program...legislation would forbid Georgia state government from changing the income eligibility...approval.Obama originally wanted state governments to allow people too poor to...

Augusta metro area sees slight gain in jobs in February

...in February, according to labor data released Thursday.Gains in hospitality, manufacturing, construction and state government workers were offset by losses in education and health services and retail.The Georgia labor department said there...