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Boxing commission wants Augusta fight halted

ATLANTA (AP) - The Georgia State Boxing Commission has asked the attorney general's office to try to halt Friday's Ultimate Fighting Championship XIII, a full-contact mixed...
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Officials fear only tragedy will lead to total regulation

...mixed-martial arts fights -- according to a survey by the Association of Boxing Commissioners, whose members include state boxing commissions across the country. The mishmash of rules from state to state also applies to professional fights, though more...
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To the death?

...adopted, would require all fight competitions to be sanctioned by a reputable organization, such as the Florida State Boxing Commission. While the Stacey Young bill will make these competitions a little more professional, combatants will still...
Senate approves bill to clean up boxing

...also disclose all fees and charges they impose on the boxer and payments made to sanctioning organizations. Each state boxing commission must enforce the suspension of boxers due to misconduct that are imposed by other state commissions. The Senate...
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Open scoring to get a fighting chance at MCI Center

...essentially limit restrictive option contracts to one year and increase financial disclosures by promoters to state boxing commissions. Goossen is even more adamant about the eradication of opening scoring, comparing it to a surveillance tape...
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Fight panel adds rules for women

...The rules "only had men in mind when they were first done," said Tom Mishou, the new administrator for the State Boxing Commission. "The boxing commission has been in existence for about 15 years. Of course there have been some changes in...
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Second heavyweight title won by DQ that went into effect only Friday, Akinwande could lose his entire $1 million purse if disciplined by the state boxing commission. "This is a different ball game (from Tyson)," Nevada commission chairman Dr. Elias Ghanem said. "The...
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Local and area briefs

...Patrick Cumiskey. The May event went on only after Ultimate Fighting dodged a last-minute attempt by the Georgia State Boxing Commission to stop the contest in court. The civic center made more than $30,000 on the event, Mr. Cumiskey said...
Augusta's Ultimate Fighting Championship on, for now

...escaped the rule of the Georgia State Boxing Commission, at least for now. Tonight's...should be governed by the state boxing commission to be answered another day...General's office. The state boxing commission requires safety standards...
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