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Museum shows generosity

...Herr Marschall, a Kentuckian by adoption, to design the First National Flag of the Confederacy, known also as the Stars and Bars. The government asked him also to design the Confederate Army uniform, which he did. Thus did Marschall play an unusual...
Powderworks flag historically accurate

...Sons of Confederate Veterans' Brig. Gen. E. Porter Alexander Camp in Augusta; the Georgia Military Order of the Stars and Bars; and the order's Col. G.W. Rains Chapter in Augusta.)
Rants & Raves

...information during that tour as well. A BIG RAVE TO the hosts of the film showings for The Steering Committee and Stars and Bars Aflame. Also Big, Big RAVE to the filmmakers Hodges Usry and Banks Pappas respectively for their films. They both...
21 Confederates receive funeral

...presented them to crying widows, clad in black. But the widows never met their fallen beaus. The flags were the Stars and Bars, and the soldiers and sailors died at least 140 years ago fighting for the Confederacy. The remains of 21 Confederate...
'Heritage' becomes dirty word in CSRA

...with England and won our independence. What was the difference? The soldier's flag, often mislabeled as the "Stars and Bars" but correctly known as the Confederate Battle Flag, was taken up in the 1950s by a group of ignorant thugs who used...
Flaggers should focus on looking forward

...won that war. Flaggers should have been pleased by the recent vote. The current state flag looks very much like the Stars and Bars that represented the Confederate States of America and is similar to the Georgia flag that flew from 1902 to 1956...
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State flag has never represented racism

...never the flag of the Confederacy, and it was never the Stars and Bars. That is a different flag and was the first flag of...the heat of battle, through the dust and smoke, the Stars and Bars looked too much like the Stars and Stripes and it was...
A new day - or not?

...divisive 1956 state flag so prominently featuring the Stars and Bars. After then-Gov. Roy Barnes in 2001 shepherded Fairly or not, it is widely believed that the Stars and Bars was given such prominence on the state flag in 1956...
Flag flap damages both races

...NAACP) says it supports the advancement of colored people. How can denying that black men fought and died under the "Stars and Bars" be called advancement? How can economic sanctions against the entire state, black people included, be called advancement...
S.C. bill won't fly

...battle flag arguments. Their measure seeks to raise the Stars and Bars at the Monument to the Women of the Confederacy. McConnell...they want to fly and where they want to fly it: The Stars and Bars at the Confederate Women's Memorial or the Confederate...
Opinion columns