The new family portrait? 3D-printed statue selfies

...portrait," said ASDA spokesman Russell Craig.A Staples store in New York scans people's faces and puts them on NBA and Star Trek figurines. The goal of the pilot program is to get small businesses to use Staples Inc. for 3-D scanning and printing...

Agent helps real people become Hollywood stars

...knew just what roles to send him after. Dalager's been a cop, a soldier and a member of the crew of The Enterprise in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Not that he always plays the good guy. He was also a Taliban militiaman in Eagle Eye."It's definitely...

Apple's Beats buy joins tech and street-wise style

...most noteworthy wearables have hardly been stylish. The standard Google Glass product looks more like something out of Star Trek than a fashion accessory. Fitness bands meant to be worn 24 hours a day are difficult to match with evening gowns...

We lose more hams than we eat

...and froze. The crock full of soup was on the counter, a layer of cooled fat on the top.I had forgotten.If I were a Star Trek character, I would have reached to the heavens and screamed, "Khan!"I thought my wife took the bad news fairly...

Musical starts to sell before finding home

...tickets on Broad way," said Thione, who co-founded the startups Powerset and Artify.it.Allegiance, based on Star Trek star Takei's childhood memories, is a multigenerational tale that's framed by a Japanese-American war veteran...

Technology makes news easier than ever to access, take with you

Imagination drives changes in technology.If you catch a rerun of any of the Star Trek franchises on cable television, you will see what look like cellphones, iPads, smartphones and the modern Internet being used...

Museum plans to renovate for modern display

...add science fiction to the "Milestones of Flight" exhibit with a model of starship Enterprise from "Star Trek." In the 1970s, a "Star Trek" actress made TV ads to help NASA recruit a diverse corps of new astronauts, connecting fiction with...

To Be Takei

Opens Friday, Aug 22, 2014 Synopsis: Jennifer M. Kroot's documentary To Be Takei profiles the actor and activist George Takei, who became famous for playing Sulu on the original incarnation of Star Trek. Decades later, he would become a proud and openly gay man who built a large fan base thanks in part to his appearances on Howard Stern's radio show, and he used his newfound fame to champion the cause of LGBT rights. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi Cast: George Takei Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review

Flex your rights ? film the police

...airplanes landing in Memphis, Tenn. "We're not drug runners, we're just on vacation": Two men heading home from a Star Trek convention are illegally stopped and searched by police in Collinsville, Ill., based on a phony K-9 "alert...

Twitter soars in market debut

...to ring the NYSE's opening bell. The users included actor Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation; Vivienne Harr, a 9-year-old girl who ran a lemonade stand for a year to raise money to end...