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Vaccine for staph infections tested

...been the last line of defense against the microbe. Staph infections strike a half million American hospital patients...Such antibodies probably would protect against staph infections for up to two weeks, Pier said. Dr. Anthony S...
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Pets can catch infections from their owners

...of dangerous, hard to treat staph infections in horses, cats and dogs...that the animals had resistant staph infections that were genetically similar...half of all hospital-acquired staph infections in the United States - 80...
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Grambling State players end boycott

...which included mold in the locker room and improperly cleaned uniforms contributing to an increased likelihood of staph infections.Sutton said that local health department inspectors, acting on an anonymous tip, recently visited Grambling athletic...
Season of discontent to end for Grambling on Saturday

...disputed by school officials, such as mold in the locker room and improperly cleaned uniforms raising the risk of staph infections. Budget woes were blamed for other issues, most notably a brutal 17-hour bus trip - each way - to a game in Indianapolis...
People could be passing staph infections to pets

ATLANTA - People can get plenty of diseases from animals - bird flu, for one.
Staving off staph

...The death of a Virginia teenager from a staph infection - and the coincidental release of a medical study that staph infections kill 19,000 people each year - have sent people into a dither, no thanks to a media blitz bordering on irresponsibility...
Lack of natural germ-killers linked to infections in eczema patients

...of eczema are highly prone to staph infections of the skin. The skin has long...The discovery suggests that staph infections can be fought off by replacing...them wind up with long-term staph infections on their skin, though the germs...
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How germs suck iron from blood to cause infections

...with iron in a previously unknown way. Early in staph infections, the germs blow open red blood cells. The Chicago...bloodletting, done early enough, may have slowed staph infections by starving germs of iron, National Institutes of...
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Business incubator helps medical start-ups succeed

...Enriquez and her staff of four create the kits to detect staph infections. Another suite at the business incubator is being...every month will assemble 500 to 700 kits that detect staph infections and ship them out the back door to distributors...
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Across Georgia

...second-highest enrollment, 33,878, was in 2003. More staph infections are reported at schools MARIETTA - Five more Atlanta-area...students have been diagnosed with antibiotic-resistant staph infections. The latest cases were reported Wednesday and involve...