Congressman seeks uniform drug, medication standards sought in horse racing

NEW YORK - A New York congressman plans to introduce a federal bill establishing uniform drug and medication standards in thoroughbred racing that would be overseen by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and begin in 2017.Paul Tonko, an upstate Democrat...

Keep standards, leaders say

...a national test standard is adopted, lawmakers...because we raised our standards and if we go back...lowering state standards. Instead, the...create a uniform standard, they said. "If we were to lower standards, we would be saying...

Colleges see tougher standards

...don't meet the standard must enroll in a...period of rising standards, enrollment has...the new minimum standard." Institutions...extension on the new standards. "I think the...maintain the high standards of a four-year...prepared to lower standard schools."

Georgia, South Carolina adopt new academic standards for math, English

...South Carolina will teach new academic standards in English and math in the next few...that have adopted the Common Core State Standards in those two subjects. Education experts consider these standards to be more rigorous than those in place...

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Education Oversight Committee approves new standards to replace Common Core in South Carolina classrooms

...from replacing Common Core education standards with state-developed guidelines, as...Monday to approve new math and reading standards, clearing the way for the Board of Education...critics of Common Core called the new standards superior and more rigorous."We eventually...

Banks tightening credit standards

...the May survey found home mortgage standards unchanged, but demand for mortgages...of the banks said they had tightened standards for new credit card accounts over the...months." About 20 percent also tightened standards on other consumer loans, the Fed said...

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Government looks at new fuel economy standards for large SUVs

...increase in the fuel economy standards for a manufacturer's...light trucks. The new standards said trucks for the 2007...Fuel Economy, or CAFE, standard for new automobiles remains...agree that the current standards are outdated. "There...

Teachers sort through standards

...teachers help with standards and assessment...understand what each standard means and how to...need-to-know standards, the nice-to-know standards will follow. You...try to teach each standard; there just isn't...

National organic standards released

...Wednesday released the first national standards for growing and processing organic food...which will replace a hodgepodge of state standards, will ban the use of biotechnology or...strictest, most comprehensive organic standards in the world." Consumers "who want...

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Atlanta struggling with federal air standards

...Agency considers tough new air pollution standards, Atlanta is still struggling to comply...impossible for Atlanta to meet the ozone standards EPA imposed after passage of the 1990...where the inability to meet clean air standards has stalled new transportation projects...