Aiken County recycling rate nearly three times better than Augusta's

Augusta recycled about 5 percent of the solid waste it created in 2014 while Aiken recycled about 15 percent.

Appeal hearing begins over Columbia County hospital decision

...decisions on other facilities and slight changes to the law since, it's certain the attorneys will have plenty of legal issues to debate in addition to the testimony of the witnesses.Staff Writer Tom Corwin contributed to this article.

'The Chronicle' wins six awards in Associated Press contest

The Augusta Chronicle won seven awards in the Georgia Associated Press Managing Editors contest.Staff writer Jenna Martin won first place in business writing for stories on identity theft and job seekers finding work hard to come by. The...

Substandard nursing homes continue to receive HUD backing

...she said. "In a way, we're enabling facilities to provide substandard care, and that's not right. This is a public policy issue that really needs to be addressed."Staff writer Sandy Hodson contributed to this report.

Residents recall confusion in Marshall Square evacuation

...out. The effort took more than an hour. It was almost 5:30 when the building was cleared, he said."It was a team effort, no one could have done it by themselves," he said.Staff writer Valerie Rowell contributed to this article.

National heroin danger cited at Atlanta summit

...arrests seems to have curbed much of the problem, Rollins said. Now when police see the infrequent instances of it locally it's on a much smaller, user-based level, he said.Staff writer Bianca Cain Johnson contributed to this article.

4 flat-screens stolen from south Augusta home

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is investigating a weekend burglary in which a south Augusta home was ransacked and about $3,000 worth of electronics was stolen.

City employees involved in cemetery shooting

...meeting with counselors.News of the shooting was first reported when Jackson interrupted an Augusta Commission committee meeting to tell commissioners county employees were involved.Staff writer Doug Stutsman contributed to this article.

Masters Week sees few arrests

...He also appeared to be drunk, police said, and claimed that being Canadian he didn't know he couldn't swim in a pond even though he had to bypass the rope line to get there.Staff writer Travis Highfield contributed to this article.

Wedding-party music should blend harmoniously with every setting

...playlist for his May 2014 wedding ? then wrote about the process for indie-rock Web site Pitchfork, where he is a staff writer. Minsker built a reception soundtrack full of sure things (Outkast's Hey Ya!), novelties (Eddie Murphy's Party...