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UGA ag school to lay off 18, sell farm

...are no longer enough, Angle said."There's no one left to retire," he said. "We just can't get over the finish line protecting everyone's job."The people losing their jobs are staff workers, not faculty members, he said.
Local coalition seeks funds to create office

...estimates that it will cost at least $115,200 to start the office, including the hiring of a coordinator and support staff worker. Though the group grew out of informal discussions several years ago, including with now-Sen. Ed Tarver, D-Augusta...
Less free care by doctors who work in managed care

...half day or evening sessions per month. Although Reach Out relied on physician volunteers, it found it needed paid staff workers for tasks like recruiting physicians, scheduling patients, arranging for laboratory tests, transportation and making...
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Juvenile Justice sets up tip line compromised positions due to their own misconduct, and probably because an atmosphere may exist where the honest staff workers hold less power than the unscrupulous ones," he said.
High demand pleases growers

...It's a good time to be in the pecan industry," he said.ZACH BOYDEN-HOLMES/STAFF \nZach Boyden-Holmes/Staff Workers shell, sort, and candy pecans Wednesday afternoon at the Tracy-Lucky company in Harlem Ga.
Old arrest warrants dropped

...Simpkins' arrest on charges of grand larceny and auto theft. He's serving a life sentence in a Georgia prison. Staff workers have found warrants, she said, for people who issued a bad check, and "the business doesn't exist" anymore...
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Agency says cuts take toll on quality of work word comes from the five commissioners who sit on the board, their decisions are influenced by research from staff workers and paid consultants, which have been seeing significant budget cuts from the state in recent years. MEANWHILE...
Across Georgia

...home with their babies. The incident began when a 16-year-old girl began fighting early Thursday morning with a staff worker. Another 16-year-old girl joined the fight, and the teens forced the worker into a bathroom and barricaded the...
Museum seeks control of 18th century house

...interpretation, he said. If an agreement is approved by the city, Mr. Loehr said, the museum would probably hire a staff worker and try to open the house within 45 to 60 days. "The museum's desire is to have the house open to the public as...
State threatens facility's funds

...incident of abuse resulting in immediate jeopardy to the safety and welfare of (the residents)." On March 26, a staff worker preparing to give a 32-year-old resident her bath noticed red welts on the woman's buttocks and thighs. The facility's...