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Supporters, opponents of MOX facility speak out at hearing high as $17 billion.A cheaper alternative, he suggested, would be to immobilize plutonium at the SRS Defense Waste Processing Facility or a similar project that would prevent any future use of the material for weapons."The costs are just...
SRS takes hit in proposed 2006 budget

Savannah River Site is slated for $84 million less in environmental cleanup and energy money in President Bush's budget request for 2006, a 5.9 percent drop over last year's request, federal officials said Monday.
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Department may delay high-level waste to SRS

The U.S. Department of Energy might scrap a plan to ship some highly radioactive waste from New York to Savannah River Site, a department official said Tuesday. No money is budgeted in fiscal year 1999 for the project, which would have sent about 300 canisters of high-level waste, encased in glass, from a facility in West Valley, N.Y., to SRS, said Howard Gnann, director of the programs division for the Energy Department's high-level waste operations at SRS.
SRS cleanup strategy to cost 46.3 billion

Taxpayers will spend $46.3 billion during the next four decades to clean up Savannah River Site, the Department of Energy estimated Monday. Good news is, there's an end in sight for one of the largest environmental remediation projects the United States has ever undertaken. According to a draft cleanup strategy released Monday, Accelerating Cleanup: Paths to Closure, SRS expects to close the books on the Cold War in 2038. By then, dozens of underground tanks will have been closed, and their waste stabilized and either shipped off or buried at the plant.
SRS 'exceeds expectations'

...accomplished here at the site." Among other things, Dr. Fiori praised the first full year of production at SRS' Defense Waste Processing Facility, a plant where high-level liquid waste is turned into glass for safe underground storage. Despite...
SRS violated law when prohibiting union activities

...the matter before an administrative law judge at the Department of Labor. Michael Gano, a mechanic at SRS' Defense Waste Processing Facility, said managers ordered him last June to stop spreading union material within the fenced are of the defense...
SRS can offer energy independence

...fuel pieces at an SRS mixed-oxide plant while the remaining nuclear wastes are vitrified at the existing SRS Defense Waste Processing Facility. Clean uranium-235 can go into SRS. Vitrified billets can go out of SRS to Yucca Mountain. Limitless...
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New method of cleanup may be used at SRS

AIKEN - After a multimillion-dollar mistake and a ruling by a federal judge in Idaho that could cost them billions, federal energy officials at the Savannah River Site are about to take a $1.4 billion step into the unknown.
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Activists oppose MOX plan

The U.S. Department of Energy should not pursue a proposal to use weapons-grade plutonium in fuel for commercial nuclear reactors, nuclear activists told area residents Wednesday. During a meeting at Paine College, representatives from nuclear-watchdog groups urged the public to oppose an Energy Department plan to use mixed-oxide, or MOX, fuel to dispose of some surplus plutonium. Energy Department officials have said Savannah River Site would make such fuel.
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Pantex official says plant not giving up hope

The political haze draped over Savannah River Site is about to clear. Very soon, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson will decide where to locate two major defense-related nuclear missions. The site has a chance to land one or both tasks, which would add thousands of jobs to a work force severely depleted by post-Cold War cutbacks. But more importantly, a new mission would ensure that the site has a place in the post-Cold War years, some observers said.
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