Veggie market helps Harrisburg residents eat healthy

...canned food from her past are no more. Now she slices up fresh squash and zucchini, which she didn't even think she liked before...feeling better with more energy.Adderson is used to selling her squash, okra, eggplant, and organic fingerling potatoes to all kinds...

Farmers Market

...40 lbs.) $12-$13; radishes (box) $13-$14; rutabagas (50 lbs.) $25-$26; spinach (carton) $18-$19; squash (three-quarter bushel) $11-$12, No. 1 (three-quarter bushel) $7-$8, No. 2 (three-quarter bushel) $5...

Baseball, softball up for consideration for 2020 Tokyo Games

...and softball remain on course to get back into the Olympics. Squash, karate, surfing and four other sports are in contention to...Olympic inclusion in the past, some multiple times. In 2013, squash and baseball-softball lost out to wrestling in the most recent...

Rants & Raves

...not seem to be a high priority to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. IN MY OPINION ISIS is an agent of the devil. We need to straighten up our lives and squash them before they come over here and kill us all. We need to do it now.

'Augmented reality' could work for commissioners

...curtailed our gardening for fear of running the well dry. This year, however, we've had plenty of rain to water the corn, squash, okra, cucumbers, tomatoes, butterbeans, jalapeno peppers, one bell pepper and sweet potatoes, which we don't know...

Braves: Foltynewicz optioned to Triple-A Gwinnett

...that's to be expected. He'll return and try his hand in the rotation again at some point. His nine starts didn't do much to squash doubts that he can be a starting pitcher in the major leagues, though. He still has work to do to have a future in a big league...

No perfect weapon against squash vine borer

...e-mails are already coming to me about the dreaded squash vine borer. This insect bores into squash stems, causing them to wilt during the day...soon, they eat so much of the stem that the squash dies. Unfortunately, they also bore into zucchini...


...Thanksgiving tables, traditional butternut squash purees often feel like the culinary family's...sauce and the savory chew of turkey, squash can seem ill-defined and uninteresting...magazine's recipe for roasted butternut squash puree. Roasting sweetens and intensifies...

Winter squash is healthful, delicious

Many people only think of winter squash as a pumpkin-pie filling or possibly a baked acorn squash filled with butter and brown sugar. But there...vegetables. There are many varieties of winter squash aside from the familiar pumpkin and acorn...

Life & style
Squash gives stew added flair

Beef stew served in baked winter squash is a cook's dream, simple and savory...availability or personal preferences. Acorn squash, shaped like an acorn with a dark green...well for this recipe. In general, small squash make great individual soup bowls, and...

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