No perfect weapon against squash vine borer

...e-mails are already coming to me about the dreaded squash vine borer. This insect bores into squash stems, causing them to wilt during the day...soon, they eat so much of the stem that the squash dies. Unfortunately, they also bore into zucchini...

Small portions

...season. For December, that means citrus - blood oranges, mandarins, Meyer lemons; celery - both rib and root; winter squashes and other root vegetables; wild mushrooms and exotic black truffles; sweet bay scallops or oysters; and hearty winter greens...

Things to Do
Winter squash is healthful, delicious

...filling or possibly a baked acorn squash filled with butter and brown...are many varieties of winter squash aside from the familiar pumpkin...turban, spaghetti and Hubbard squashes. Each is delicious, versatile...healthy, you can't beat winter squash. Although none of them contain...

Life & style
Butternut squash soup is big South African favorite

...that a lot of people think of butternut squash soup as the national soup of South Africa...safari. "If there's not butternut squash soup on the menu, it's not an authentic...soups of South Africa." "Butternut squash for us has big use," said Grant Cullingworth...

Farmers market

...40 lbs.) $20-$21; radishes (box) $14-$15; rutabagas (50 lbs.) $22-$23; spinach (carton) $19-$20; squash (three-quarter bushel) $18-$19, No. 1 (three-quarter bushel) $8-$9, No. 2 (three-quarter bushel) $7...

Medical students, farmers cultivate community during Harrisburg's Veggie Truck Farmers Market

...mean it tastes bad," he said. "Green can be good."Evans and his class proudly displayed some of their own produce of squash, cucumbers and tomatoes grown in the class garden. Getting to know the people who grow the produce is a different and more...

Farmers market

...40 lbs.) $25-$27; radishes (box) $14-$15; rutabagas (50 lbs.) $22-$23; spinach (carton) $19-$20; squash (three-quarter bushel) $18-$19, No. 1 (three-quarter bushel) $8-$9, No. 2 (three-quarter bushel) $6...

Lunch Box: Spring and Summer Vegetable Soup

...asparagus or green beans that have been cut into 1-inch pieces. Other vegetable options include diced zucchini or yellow squash, tiny broccoli or cauliflower florets, fresh or frozen corn kernels or green peas.Though the vegetables in the soup give...

Soup offers a fresh take on squash at Thanksgiving

...There's little question about it - butternut squash belongs on the Thanksgiving table. But...better - tamari-coated pumpkin seeds. SQUASH BISQUE WITH ROASTED CORN SALSAStart to...this mixture. Add the ginger, butternut squash, carrots and bring to a simmer. Cook...

Farmers market

...40 lbs.) $16-$17; radishes (box) $14-$15; rutabagas (50 lbs.) $25-$26; spinach (carton) $19-$20; squash (three-quarter bushel) $17-$18, No. 1 (three-quarter bushel) $7-$8, No. 2 (three-quarter bushel) $6...