Farmers Market

...40 lbs.) $12-$13; radishes (box) $13-$14; rutabagas (50 lbs.) $27-$28; spinach (carton) $19-$20; squash (three-quarter bushel) $18-$19, No. 1 (three-quarter bushel) $8-$9, No. 2 (three-quarter bushel) $4...

Small portions

...season. For December, that means citrus - blood oranges, mandarins, Meyer lemons; celery - both rib and root; winter squashes and other root vegetables; wild mushrooms and exotic black truffles; sweet bay scallops or oysters; and hearty winter greens...

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Farmers market

...40 lbs.) $18-$19; radishes (box) $12-$13; rutabagas (50 lbs.) $27-$28; spinach (carton) $19-$20; squash (three-quarter bushel) $12-$13, No. 1 (three-quarter bushel) $7-$8, No. 2 (three-quarter bushel) $4...

No perfect weapon against squash vine borer

...e-mails are already coming to me about the dreaded squash vine borer. This insect bores into squash stems, causing them to wilt during the day...soon, they eat so much of the stem that the squash dies. Unfortunately, they also bore into zucchini...

Resolved to start gardening in 2015? How to start

...that beginning gardeners might want to start with: radishes, peas, leaf lettuce, carrots, spinach, bush beans, summer squash and hybrid tomatoes," she said. "Most of these crops are very forgiving and easy to grow if you understand their basic needs...

Dine & Dish: Whole Foods has whole lot of treats

...sauces, grains and meats that he cooked for them.Sean's choices turned out to be exceptional: quinoa, spinach, butternut squash, edamame, roasted corn and almonds, cooked in a Thai sweet and sour sauce and topped with steak. The sauce gave the dish...

Fun in the sun

Ethan Poulin, 2, squashes bubbles as mother, Lisa, prepares to blow more bubbles, while enjoying a sunny Wednesday at Evans Towne Center Park.

Karin Calloway: Thai-inspired soup packed with good-for-you ingredients

...This week's Thai-inspired Coconut, Tomato and Winter Squash Soup can be whipped up in about 20 minutes, and it's packed...from canned crushed tomatoes, betacarotene from frozen winter squash puree (defrost before adding to the soup) and healthful fats...


...Thanksgiving tables, traditional butternut squash purees often feel like the culinary family's...sauce and the savory chew of turkey, squash can seem ill-defined and uninteresting...magazine's recipe for roasted butternut squash puree. Roasting sweetens and intensifies...

Winter squash is healthful, delicious

...filling or possibly a baked acorn squash filled with butter and brown...are many varieties of winter squash aside from the familiar pumpkin...turban, spaghetti and Hubbard squashes. Each is delicious, versatile...healthy, you can't beat winter squash. Although none of them contain...

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