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'Final Fantasy' is big break for digital actors

...of fledgling animation studio Square Pictures. Kevin M. Ochs, an animation...from such ethical conundrums. Square Pictures sculpted the characters' the digital acting troupe, Square Pictures may now feature its "Final Fantasy...
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Arbus retrospective takes look at photographer's life, work

...she started using 120 film, continuing to print on the same paper. By 1963, she stopped using 35mm film and took square pictures with a wide-angle Rolleiflex and a twin-lens Mamiyaflex. Around 1965, she began to surround her images with...
Review: There are few rules in `Game'

...plunges them into the middle of 360-degree action and then wastes them on a tired and witless action plot. Columbia Square. PICTURE PERFECT (**, PG-13) - Jennifer Aniston stars as an ad executive who is told to make lifestyle changes in order...
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