Obama: US re-establishing relations with Cuba

...Gross and the swap of a U.S. spy held in Cuba for three Cubans...with Gross. Officials said the spy had been held for nearly 20 years...That includes convicted Cuban spies Ana Belen Montes, Walter Kendall...released in exchange for the spy are part of the Cuban Five...

Key dates in US relations with Cuba

...head of the Cuban military.- PRISONERS: The U.S. arrests five Cuban spies in 1998 and Cuba mounts an international campaign to free them, saying they...prisoners, including Gross and the remaining three members of Cuban Five spy ring.

FBI searches for Iraqi spies, terror cells in U.S.

...The FBI is questioning as many as 50,000 Iraqis living in the United States in a search for potential terrorist cells, spies or people who might provide information helpful to a U.S. war effort. Agents have fanned out across the country to interview...

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House panel asks more for technology, spies

...computers to foil U.S. espionage, a House committee is recommending additional investment in both technology and old-fashioned spies. Legislation recommended Wednesday by the House Intelligence Committee seeks to modernize eavesdropping intelligence programs...

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Ex-girlfriend accuses NASCAR driver Kurt Busch of assault

...after his poor performance at the qualifying session.Driscoll said Busch, 36, called her names and accused her of "having spies everywhere and having a camera on the bus to watch him." He then jumped up, grabbed her face and smashed her head three times...

Drone use becoming issue at soccer venues across Europe

LONDON - Long after drones became a tool for militaries and spy agencies, authorities now realize the threat they can pose to sports events.It's not multimillion-dollar military drones...

Lean on God when anxiety, worry threaten to overwhelm you

...book of Numbers, Moses sends 12 men into the land of Canaan to spy on those inhabiting the Promised Land. They return and describe...They had lived in worry ever since leaving Egypt. Now their spies return with tales of a fearsome enemy. The people add anxiety...

WWII book details story of 'First SEALS'

...pioneered many of the intelligence-gathering techniques and commando-style tactics used by today's U.S. special forces. The spy agency's Maritime Unit, formed in 1943, shares the credit for setting the foundation for what would become the Navy SEALs...

Toy makers' new darlings: tiny critics on YouTube

...Spin Master says Evan's reviews helped boost sales of its Spy Gear toys 65 percent this year. The private company declined...Spin Master hired Evan to appear in a TV ad for its latest Spy Gear toys. Anki, which makes robotic toy cars, teamed up with...

'Sesame Street' turns 45: TV series changes with the times to remain popular

...2-year-olds don't get, but adults do. A James Bond parody stars Cookie Monster as a secret agent, Double-Stuffed 7, in "The Spy Who Loved Cookies." Another show celebrates "what makes people special," with Elmo telling Lupita Nyong'o that her skin...