Emergency evacuation

...Center worker trying to hang an ornamental globe near a sprinkler head caused an evacuation Tuesday of the building. Aiken Department of Public Safety Sgt. David Turno said the sprinkler head in the office of Aiken Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates...

Water wisely

...yard during the past few months while everything was dormant were wasting water.You who didn't fix the broken sprinkler head spewing water into the street were wasting water. You who ran the sprinklers while it rained, shame on you.And...

Rory McIlroy adjusts goals after more frustrations

...On Friday, he showed us an unfamiliar view from the middle of the azaleas behind the 13th green after hitting a sprinkler head."It was a bad shot on 13, (but) I didn't quite deserve that, hitting the sprinkler," he said. "But just...

Drip irrigation saves water -- and plants

...nice and green. Here's how: You can convert a sprinkler head into a nifty new drip-irrigation system that will...quality of the landscape, too. Replace the regular sprinkler head with a low-cost, drip-watering emitter (water-distribution...

The Old Course provides a treat golfers should indulge

...trans-Atlantic flight and playing the most storied links course on adrenaline. See fairway, hit driver. Read sprinkler-head yardage, pull club. The rote-reflex gameplan clearly wasn't working. Already 5-over through four holes thanks...

Scott Michaux
Check irrigation system for problems

...morning.I have seen someone's system with a broken sprinkler head for two straight summers while jogging during the early...as you run the system:? Check the seals on the sprinkler head. A failed wiper seal at the base of the sprinkler...

Outdoor watering ban set

...Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Watering with a single sprinkler head attached to a hose is allowed any day but Monday...Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Watering with a single sprinkler head attached to a hose is allowed any day but Monday.

Two big drives, one big overhaul

...in his green jacket, the chairman of Augusta National ducked under the ropes after Mickelson hit his approach. A sprinkler head next to the divot told Johnson what Mickelson had for his second shot on the 455-yard hole. "He was 94 yards from...

Golf | Augusta National Golf Club
Inspect sprinkler system to be sure it is doing its job

...55 minutes.There is a neighboring subdivision that I visit once a week and there is a yard that has had a broken sprinkler head for two summers. I almost feel like knocking on the door that early in the morning to tell them.The other problem...

Sprinkler systems are the secrets to savings

...lawn"? Valve bodies can wear out too, allowing the sprinkler head to rotate. When this happens there may be plenty...only receive half the water needed to achieve proper sprinkler head coverage. The systems would look as though they were...

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