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Old Turpin Hill community neighbors stick together

A dozen baby boomers sat under the breezeway at now-closed Ursula Collins Elementary School on Swanee Quintet Boulevard on Sept. 11, remembering a simpler time and calling each other by childhood nicknames.
State agencies relocate away from Atlanta

...nothing came from the Commission for a New Georgia about decentralizing state agencies, said Sharon McMahon, spokeswoman for the group. "That is not an issue that the commission dealt with," she said. Mr. Perdue, like most Georgia officeholders...
Dixie Chicks concert sales soft in several markets

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - While the Dixie Chicks' record sales are soaring, tickets for their Accidents and Accusations Tour are failing to take flight in some cities.
Auto thefts rise in area

...127 on the list. This year, it's No. 99 out of 336. "It's gotten worse," said Allison Dean Love, a spokeswoman for the group. "If you look at the number of cars stolen over the last three years, your ranking has increased steadily...
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Some oppose rehab home site

...county commission tonight. "It's the fact that these people are recovering," said Jewel Pennington, a spokeswoman for the group and mother of a 9-year-old fourth-grader at Martinez Elementary. "We think it's a great thing. Don't...
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Arena's ballet choice booed

Augusta arts supporters say competing productions of a classic holiday ballet will split ticket sales and force many patrons to pick between a local tradition and a national touring company.
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Theme parks dress up for Halloween

SANDUSKY, Ohio - John Taylor is a ringmaster, of sorts, directing an assortment of ghouls and sideshow freaks in the shadows of Cedar Point amusement park's roller coasters.
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Son of Ringo Starr to drum with Oasis

...Gallagher and his brother Liam are unabashed admirers of The Beatles. Liam Gallagher even named his son Lennon. A spokeswoman for the group said no one has yet been appointed to fill the position left when the last drummer, Alan White, quit the band...
Overtime and the Nuclear Threat Initiative logo regarding Augusta National's membership policies," Cathy Gwin, spokeswomen for the group, said in a prepared statement. "Sen. Nunn has not made and will not make a statement on this issue." Nunn...
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Protesters run rings around Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY - The International Olympic Committee's motto is "Faster. Higher. Stronger." The unofficial Olympic motto is "Sell. Protest. Pander." It's the credo of the untold thousands who've landed in Salt Lake City's 25- degree, mid-February tundra to sell their product, their political perspective or their hate. In these shadow games, pitching a message has become an Olympic competition for those who feel overshadowed by the event's official corporate sponsors.