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South Carolina inmates complain about food

...filthy with gross removable black soot, dirt and grime."When asked about the suit over the summer, a spokesman for the corrections department declined to comment, because the dispute was pending.The inmates said the food they were served contributed...
Disputes on center continue Savannah. "We went through a heck of a lot with this Augusta facility," said Michael Light, a spokesman for the corrections department. "The Augusta experience has helped us learn to better inform the community," Mr. Light said...
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Halfway house plan shifts site

...Corrections reports. "These inmates are coming to the community now anyway," said Scott Stallings, spokesman for the corrections department. "The inmates and the community are much better off if they have a transition program to go back to...
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
MCG wins $60 million annual contract to care for Georgia's prisoners

...and more at a better price, plus we get to keep the money within the state," said Michael Light, spokesman for the corrections department. Under the letter of intent signed Wednesday, MCG will provide "comprehensive, 24-hour health care...