Art exhibit exposes the limits of online privacy

NEW YORK - Image after image splashes on the wall of the exhibit ? a snapshot of young people laughing and drinking, a picture of an elephant, an exposed belly of...

Couple donates more than 700 Beanie Babies to Augusta's American Red Cross

...of the stuffed animal's original generation including Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus and Brownie the Bear, later renamed "Cubbie."They even got Pinchers...

Water Wars

Eleven-year-old Patrick Cummings (left) splashes Chris Thomas, 12, in the eyes. The Augusta youths were playing at the Dyess Pool on Thursday.

Terry, Styles take next step

Small ripples in life can lead to the biggest splashes of achievement. That was evident in the lives of Hephzibah's Charlotte Styles and LaCoya Terry on Monday. The heart of the...

Now the $50 bill gets a colorful makeover

WASHINGTON --The $50 bill is getting splashes of red, white and blue, the second of the nation's paper currencies to sport new hues beyond the traditional black-ink fronts...

New Neon gets big-car features

DETROIT -- Gone are the neon paint schemes and bright confetti splashes of color on the seats -- the second-generation Dodge and Plymouth Neon is too sophisticated for such garishness. This is a...

Fishing report

The mirror-smooth water of Thurmond Lake's Chigoe Creek early Wednesday morning was pockmarked by the splashes of feeding hybrids and striped bass, ranging in size from three-quarters of a pound and up. The fish were found from the creek's...

Colorized greenback will replace $20 bill

WASHINGTON -- The first of America's greenbacks to be colorized - the $20 note sporting splashes of peach, blue and yellow - will start appearing next month in cash registers, ATM machines and wallets. Banks will be able...

Racing and off-roading in Pennsylvania

FARMINGTON, Pa. - As the truck rolls over the muddy bank and plunges into the depths, muddy water splashes against the windows and washes over the hood in an instant. The tires are sucked into the muck. I'm at the steering wheel and...

Life & style
Theme parks roll out new attractions for the summer

...like rockets, gravity-smashing spin rides and water park splashes are in for a treat this year. After a few years of belt-tightening...choose the intensity of each ride. Water parks are making a big splash with about a dozen indoor water parks and a half-dozen outdoor...

Life & style