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Power of prayer save us.Humble us before your throne. Push us to be part of community, diligent in studying your Word, our spiritual food, and use us to shine light into a dark world.Amen.Caleb RuleAugusta Dear God: Thank you for all the blessings...
Minister delivers message to those who deliver

...Sunday-morning service at God's Trucking Ministry for truck drivers in Jessup, Md. It's time to deliver the spiritual food these drivers have been waiting for. God's Trucking Ministry is a chapel fashioned from an old refrigerated trailer...
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Where we live

...some laughter from the adults. He continued, "This is where we get our strength and nourishment." He spoke about spiritual food and how receiving Communion is vital to one's spiritual growth. Some things never change in first Communion, no...
God can do miracles, if we believe

...told Ezekiel to tell the people that even though they once again had some meat on their bones, it was going to take spiritual food to restore life in their starved souls, and that food could only come from God spoonfeeding them with his Spirit...
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Our spirits need to be nourished every day

...something that we do, rather than something others do for us. We are to shift the responsibility of receiving "spiritual food" from the preacher and the choir to our shoulders. Do you listen to the words of the prayers, the hymns and the...
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