Spiegel Group looking for buyer of Eddie Bauer business

CHICAGO -- The Spiegel Group is looking for a buyer for its...to retain control of the company, a Spiegel spokeswoman said Tuesday. Debbie Koopman...spokeswoman for Downers Grove, Ill.-based Spiegel, also said it has a buyer for its Newport...

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...16-year-old junior at Westside High School. The outfit: Gray pinstripe jacket ($125, Spiegel) and pants ($85, Spiegel) and white shirt ($52, Spiegel); boots and tie. Describe your style: "I am a classy `dress for success' person...

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Convicted match-fixer denies predicting details of Cameroon loss at World Cup

...soccer federation said it was investigating the report in der Spiegel magazine that Wilson Raj Perumal accurately predicted in an...striking Croatia striker Mario Mandzukic in the back.Der Spiegel's claims rang alarm bells because Perumal is the best-known...

Augusta native named in Forbes' "30 Under 30"

...industry category, joined NBA star LeBron James, Tumblr founder David Karp, musician Bruno Mars, Snapchat app creators Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy.The newest division of Larkins' company, fractional or "time-share" ownership of private planes...


...French investigators are also taking steps to obtain a copy of a smartphone video cited in a report by German news magazine Der Spiegel. Quincy declined to comment further before he holds a planned news conference sometime in mid-week. TennisHewitt upsets...

News organizations sometimes try, but fail to keep NSA's secrets

...collection sites, based on poorly redacted slides published by Germany's Der Spiegel magazine, Italy's L'Espresso newspaper, and Holland's NRC newspaper.Spiegel Online editor-in-chief Ruediger Ditz said the material was removed within...

Eddie Bauer will close in Augusta

...company is closing as it reorganizes under bankruptcy protection. Spiegel Inc., which owns Eddie Bauer, Newport News and Spiegel Catalog, filed for Chapter 11 in March. Spiegel reported a loss of $678.7 million in 2002 and $587.4 million...

Federal judge upholds lawsuit challenging NFL

...cities. U.S. District Judge S. Arthur Spiegel rejected the league's arguments that...filed in state courts was thrown out. Spiegel decided there were federal issues worthy...she couldn't pursue the lawsuit, but Spiegel sided with Davis in an 81-page ruling...

Debate rages over plural personalities

...the puzzling condition? Dr. Herbert Spiegel is a renowned psychoanalyst and expert...personality and later a movie -- was one of Spiegel's research subjects for four years in...with psychoanalyst Cornelia Wilbur. But Spiegel, then at Columbia Presbyterian Medical...

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Theme parks roll out new attractions for the summer

...million spent last year, said Dennis Spiegel, president of International Theme Park...then dipped after the terrorist attacks, Spiegel said. For starters, several regional...to be able to stop it within inches," Spiegel said. "It just creates a lot of initial...

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