Spiders can make your skin crawl, but they do a lot of good

...one fat and happy spider!The first hard frost will kill the spiders. But until a frost...family of orb-weaver spiders with large webs are...and yellow argiope spider (Argiope aurantia...This rusty brown spider has legs extending...noticeable. These spiders hide during the day...

Hibernating pet tarantulas stolen from crawlspace of house

...Atlanta man told police that a spider thief snuck into a crawlspace...Melton tells WSB-TV that the spiders live beneath his Austell home...Melton said he didn't know his spiders were missing until he received...Melton then identified the spiders as his and police began investigating...

'Spiders' crawl investment webs

...Coca-Cola. Another spider, MDY, follows the S...Index. There's even spiders that track the different...P 500. For example, spider stock XLK follows the...companies. Owning a spider stock gives an investor...reasons Mr. Osbon favors spiders. "For people who still...

Scientists discover new species of assassin spiders in Madagascar

...Madagascar have found that tiny assassin spiders, grotesque-looking bugs that prey on other spiders, are more diverse than previously thought...species could shed light on how assassin spiders evolved, and perhaps point scientists to...

Life & style
Ten Spiders' music invites people to leave the shadows

Ten Spiders, so named for the estimated number of...but my favorite band is Rush." When Ten Spiders takes the stage, the performance becomes...their beatings in public like this." TEN SPIDERS Sun's Glow "Handful of Straws" FORMATS...

Inmates in Arkansas jail are sharing cells with spiders

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Spiders have infested a county jail in northeast...offender appears to be the brown recluse spider, up to three-quarters of an inch...the best we can to get rid of (the spiders)," Sheriff Jack McCann said. The...

XXX Bizarre
As Doctor Octopus, Alfred Molina gets revenge on spiders

...Molina has had trouble with spiders before. You may remember the "Spider-Man 2" villain from his...shoulders. "There were live spiders, real snakes ... That'd...unmercifully pummeling the hero in "Spider-Man 2" with the four metal...

Balancing Spending and Time: How "Time Frugality" Can Save You Lots of Cash

...other things. I also love just trying new things, like making a stained glass wall hanging at a workshop or building a robotic spider or making a table in a wood shop. Those things all mean something to me, particularly reading and playing board games and...

Mullis: Pests drawn indoors to escape cold weather are just nuisance, not harmful

...looking for a nice place to overwinter. Common invaders in the Augusta area include boxelder bugs, lady beetles, kudzu bugs, spiders and millipedes.These invaders are generally harmless to people and property. They do not feed on people, pets, houseplants...

Spiders take blame for wound too often

...injuries attributed to spider bites aren't spider bites at all. "In...valid brown recluse spiders in the whole state of...have no brown recluse spiders. "A few generations...was a brown recluse spider bite," Dr. Hinkle...