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Ga. considers 'more inclusive' Civil War markers

...who were willing to fight in badly outnumbered Southern ranks. That idea was quickly rejected by high-ranking Southern leaders committed to protecting slavery.Confederate President Jefferson Davis ordered Cleburne not to discuss it.The...
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...outstanding lecturers and speakers in this section, using for his theme on the birthday program held in honor of the Southern leader, Gen. Robert E. Lee, Our Government or Theirs. Which? presented a survey of dictator governments in comparison...
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Intentions of 'Ol' Pete' remain misunderstood

...Longstreet, who served as Gen. Robert E. Lee's senior and most trusted lieutenant and was the man who told the Southern leader when it was time to finally surrender at Appomattox, Va., was savaged in the 1870s and 1880s by ex-Confederate...
'Cultural genocide' of Southern heritage continues

...less offensive structures (the Augusta National clubhouse, for one). They want the statues and symbols of our Southern leaders and heroes, erected to honor our fallen dead, destroyed (the carving on Stone Mountain as an example). Suppose...
Rare Lincoln letter to Confederate official shows president's humanity and humor

...friend of Lincoln's from their early days in the Whig Party, sheds light on the close ties between Northern and Southern leaders, and on Lincoln's lenient side. "The thing it shows us about Lincoln is that he bore no malice to anyone...
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Remember beloved Southern leader

Many historians have their own ways of tweaking the facts surrounding past events to support their interpretations of our history. Without exception, the "War of Rebellion" has received such refined treatment. I'm referring to the American Civil War, which wasn't a civil war in any regard. It was a group of sovereign states fighting against another group of sovereign states. ... As Northern politicians knew, the slavery issue had been, by them, used as a means to threaten Southerners when they scoffed at a higher export tariff.Dr. Robert L. Gordon, North Augusta, S.C.