Sound waves ring with familiarity in `South Pacific'

...Hammerstein's most popular musicals, South Pacific, is coming to the University...James Michener's Tales of the South Pacific, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel...plays Nellie, said the appeal of South Pacific is its familiarity. "It's...

Credibility of cadaver dogs increases

...helped the organization unearth the remains of missing Americans lost in World War II battles in Europe and on the south Pacific island of Tarawa.Among others, Buster helped find Lt. Robert Fenstermacher, an Army Air Corps pilot whose plane...

South Pacific setting provides films with ideal island scenery

...has been making forays to the South Pacific. Whether it was to bring war to Bali Hai in South Pacific or adventure among the palms in...but hiding from society in the South Pacific. It mixes romantic comedy with...

Steven Uhles
Tropical tribulations

...Hammerstein's World War II musical South Pacific has more to offer than a tattooed...semi-autobiographical Tales of the South Pacific, uses the tropical backdrop of...Forbush to life. She said that South Pacific is one of those rare pieces that...

Mir stabilized for final descent

...Mir's fiery descent into the South Pacific, Russian ground controllers powered...minutes to send the station into the South Pacific between Australia and Chile...in controlled descent into the South Pacific. On March 22, ground controllers...

XXX Technology
Tropical paradise

...through this group of islands in the South Pacific, so -- theoretically -- when...most cosmopolitan city in the South Pacific, and it's the only place in...market -- the largest in the South Pacific -- and, on the outskirts of...

Life & style
Island cults provide dreams of wealth

...long as anyone can remember, the people of Tana in the South Pacific have anticipated the arrival of John Frum, king of...resembles other so-called "cargo cults" that flourish on South Pacific islands and northward into Melanesia. The central idea...

Things to Do
WWII hero to receive medals

...wasn't looking for awards and glory for fighting in the South Pacific. He was looking for a job. Growing up in rural Georgia...think I won World War II." Mr. Hall served in the South Pacific as a tail gunner with squadron VC-68, composed of...

Veterans' friendship withstands time

...Columbus, Ohio, but it would be in the jungles of the South Pacific that as World War II soldiers they would forge a lifetime...banana boat named the Santa Maria to the islands of the South Pacific. The boat had only enough bunks to accommodate half...

World War II Marine's remains identified

...Charleston, nearly 65 years after his plane went down in the South Pacific, bring relief and joy to a family who thought his remains...Ms. McKinney and her family were vacationing in the South Pacific. Thinking French Polynesia, more than 4,000 miles...