Armadillo casualties stack up on interstate drive

I was driving back from Atlanta over the weekend, trying to stay alert by counting the number of armadillos that had not been able to cross Interstate 20. (Fourteen on the eastbound side.)

A little geography can help you wow your Masters friends

After talk of the weather and the pollen run out at this week's tournament, impress your newfound friends with your knowledge of the states.

Rants & Raves

Rant to people in North Augusta about Project Jackson. It is going up; get over it. We fought against things in our back yard, but we lost.

Growth of game goes south of the border

Augusta National Golf Club's global growth initiatives are spreading as quickly as kudzu.

Augusta does a brisk trade with countries north and south of the border

Augusta's best North American trade partner is Toronto. The bilateral trade between the two cities is about $134 million a year, according to a think-tank analysis. The next-best trading partner is Mexico City, at $79 million of trade back and forth, followed by Montreal at $77 million. The commodities that Augusta exports the most to either Mexico or Canada are chemicals and plastics. Wood products ? no surprise there ? and machinery and tools are the other commodities in demand here or there.

Activities offer affordable fun for children on spring break

Spring break is just around the corner for many children, so don't wait until the last minute to plan how your family will spend the week off from school. Here are some options for low-cost activities:

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Ending war on drugs would help economy

We need to re-evaluate our position on drug use in this country. I firmly believe we should decriminalize all drugs.

Fall time traveling is now in fashion

I'm out of town this week on my Fall break; apparently it's the thing to do. I have your post cards to prove it.

What's for Supper: Mexican Penne Bake

Pasta dinners make great weeknight meals because they are simple to throw together and there are usually leftovers for another meal later in the week or for re-heatable lunches at the office.

In defense of lawyers

While the "lawsuit lottery" is a damaging game, a well-placed civil claim can right a grievous wrong.