A little geography can help you wow your Masters friends

...tournament is drawing a blank when strangers say they're from New Mexico (it's a state, not another country south of the border) or some other geographical puzzler. You don't want to look stupid when people say they're from the District...

Visitors get their money's worth at South of the Border

...neon, oh the neon! This is South of the Border, a playground for children...stay right in the vicinity of South of the Border. And I told my husband I could...Nighttime is becoming to South of the Border. The neon signs advertising...

Life & style
PGA Tour debuts south of the border

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Mexico - The PGA Tour is making its debut south of the border this week with the Mayakoba Golf Classic in an area known as the Riviera Maya. Fittingly enough, the Greg Norman-designed El...

Mexican made easy

...it's no wonder that the first finalist in our Southern Living Cooking School Show recipe contest submitted a South-of-the-Border entree. Kelley Nihill of Martinez, a busy mother of two who moved to the Augusta area in January, sent in a...

Life & style
South of the Border (1939)

Now Playing Synopsis: South of the Border, a western directered by George Sherman, features two United States government agents (Gene Autry) and (Smiley Burnette) and their trip to Mexico, where they hope to stop German agents from forming a revolution. This propagandist musical feature was released approximately two years before World War II, and marked the beginning of a successful career for Autry. Also included in South of the Border are actors Michael Carr, Sheila Darcy, William Farnum, and Reed Howes. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi Cast: Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, June Storey, Lupita Tovar, Mary Lee Movie Details Buy Tickets Movie Review

Rants & Raves

...show you our power in November. OBAMA NOW WANTS $2 billion to fix the mess he's allowed with the illegals from south of the border. RANT TO CHRISTIAN conservatives. When did Jesus ever say take from the poor and give to the rich? GRU FIELDHOUSE...

Bridge collapse a major break in trade corridor

...and the region, but it's a big deal for the entire U.S.-Canada trading relationship," he said.Tourism south of the border also might be affected, with Canadian drivers opting not to travel to Seattle, or further south to Oregon and California...

Growth of game goes south of the border

Augusta National Golf Club's global growth initiatives are spreading as quickly as kudzu.

Augusta does a brisk trade with countries north and south of the border

Augusta's best North American trade partner is Toronto. The bilateral trade between the two cities is about $134 million a year, according to a think-tank analysis. The next-best trading partner is Mexico City, at $79 million of trade back and forth, followed by Montreal at $77 million. The commodities that Augusta exports the most to either Mexico or Canada are chemicals and plastics. Wood products ? no surprise there ? and machinery and tools are the other commodities in demand here or there.

NASCAR returns to south of the border

...engines," might not sound so foreign. A year after it held the first NASCAR race in Mexico, the Busch Series is south of the border again, preparing for Sunday's second installment of the Telcel-Motorola 200 without many of the concerns about...