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South Carolina Senate postpones vote on ethics compromise

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Time ran out in the final day of regular session at South Carolina's General Assembly before the Senate could vote to update the state's 1991 Ethics Act.Earlier on Thursday, the House voted 101-12 to approve...
Rallying for Reform is coming to Aiken

...Reform on Tuesday.The council recently released a report about the 420 legislative appointments made by South Carolina's General Assembly, saying that 147 are controlled by four legislators.Council President Ashley Landess will travel the...
Disappointments and successes

There were some significant achievements in this year's session of South Carolina's General Assembly, but they've been overshadowed by two significant disappointments. One of the disappointments - the absence of a tough bill...
Let locals set school calendars

Education is always a top issue for any state legislature, but a concomitant issue sure to come up in South Carolina's General Assembly this session is the public school calendar. There is a movement afoot, particularly in the coastal communities...
S. Carolina lawmakers ease slowly into work

...accepting less, he said, the Legislature has "to bend over backward to create new jobs." Members of South Carolina's General Assembly say they're focused on funding state government despite an estimated $350 million shortfall, but it's...
S.C.'s budget pain

...less about the minutiae - they just want to know how it will affect them, for better or for worse. When South Carolina's General Assembly began the year with a $350 million shortfall, it looked like families could lose a lot in government services...
Lawmaker urges Savannah River joint oversight

South Carolina's General Assembly will decide whether to adopt guidelines to create a joint governing authority for water resources shared by other states. The compact would become a reality only if neighboring states adopted similar legislation.
Rod-limit proposal angers striper fisherman

...pastime. And like most striper fishermen, he likes to put out lots of rods - sometimes two dozen or more. South Carolina's General Assembly, meanwhile, is mulling a bill to limit the number of rods in that state's waters - which include half...
Across the area

AUGUSTAInjured daughter remains in coma Almost two months after a car crash left her with severe brain injuries, Sarah Craig, 19, went home Thursday from Shepherd Center rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta. District Attorney Danny Craig, her father, said she remains in a coma, and doctors could not give a time frame for when she will wake up. Her family received training to care for her 24 hours a day, he said.
Metro | Glenn Hills High School
Kent: Flag fall-out; Ga. education reform is hurt

...Murphy, D-Bremen, and Gov. (and trial lawyer) Roy Barnes hold sway. But fairness could prevail during South Carolina's General Assembly session - assuming Gov. Jim Hodges won't interfere with what would be a very unpopular veto. Two respected...
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